5 Reasons Why You Need to Create More Video Content For Your Business


Numbers don’t lie. In the past few years, the trend shows that video is taking over the world of content and social media marketing sooner rather than later. The massive popularity of YouTube and the emergence of Instagram TV have made it clear as daylight that the demand for videos is increasing rapidly. If you’re still hesitant to jump on the bandwagon, these video marketing facts might be able to change your mind. Here are 5 reasons why you need to create more video content for your business:

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Video Marketing Tips to Boost Sales For Your Business


Video promotions, product demonstrations and testimonials are one of the best ways to build confidence in your brand and earn consumers’ trust. Here are some video marketing tips to boost sales for your business. 

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6 Tips for Making a Promotional Video For Your Business


Have you created video about your business? Are you using any video content to promote your products or services? Here are six important things to consider in making a promotional small business video:

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Seeing Beyond SEO: 4 Digital Marketing Strategies You May Be Overlooking


If you are a small business owner, search engine optimization is not the only digital marketing strategy that you should implement into your marketing plan. There are other methods of expanding your presence in the digital world. Here are four digital marketing strategies that you should implement in addition to SEO.

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The Importance Of Video Marketing In Mobile-First Culture

If your marketing strategy is wide and thoroughly planned, you probably have various ways of reaching your potential customers, meaning that video marketing is also included. Still, video marketing should be one of your biggest concerns, as mobile de...
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Video Content and The Marketing Funnel


It’s likely that many people reading this article will have produced a video to promote their company, but did you produce the right video for each stage of the buyer funnel? This infographic from One Productions takes you through what you need to know about producing the right video at every stage of the buyer funnel.

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