How To Set Up A Successful Trade Booth


Trade shows are an excellent place to get the message out about your business and reach potential new customers. But you're also competing with like-minded businesses who are also trying to do the same as you. You need your booth to stand out in a crowd to attract as many eyes as possible. The following tips will help you boost your trade booth and draw in foot traffic. Here's how to set up a successful trade show booth:

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4 Nifty Ways To Use Technology to Enhance Your Trade Show Presence


Exhibiting in trade shows and exhibitions are one of the best ways to meet your clientele face to face and foster industry relationships. In our previous post about trade show tips and tricks, we shared some tips for effective trade show and exhibition ROI. The essence of any successful exhibition plan is the user engagement. The more engaged your audience is the more likely they are to convert. But, the real question here is how to engage? Technology can help here. Here are 4 nifty ways to use technology to enhance your trade show presence:

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Top Tips for Attending Trade shows and Exhibitions


Are you planning on attending trade shows and exhibitions? It is very likely you are attending an exhibition or trade show to make as many people as possible aware of your products, brands or services. Here are my top tips for attending trade shows and exhibitions:

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Trade Show Giveaway Ideas: The Ultimate Guide


One of the main tools exhibitors use at trade shows to drive the crowd into their space is a giveaway. Promotional products are always popular. And there are good reasons for that. People love something for free, and doing a giveaway the right way can be really beneficial. A proper giveaway will help you generate leads to grow a brand. Here are Trade Show Giveaway Ideas based on my experience:

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My First Trade Show: A Guide to Success for First-Time Exhibitors

Exhibiting at a trade show can be a mind-boggling task – especially if you have little or no experience of event marketing. Getting your first trade show wrong can be seriously damaging for your small business: with costs multiplying beyond control, ...
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