7 SEO Tactics to Improve Your Business Visibility on Google

If you have a business website, you’ll need to improve the search visibility on Google. Because more visibility means more traffic to your website , which brings you more business. Implement these 7 tactics and you’ll definitely see the improvement o...
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Megan Perry
Extremely important article for any business - great read. Thank you.
Wednesday, 27 June 2018 11:48
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12 Common Mistakes that Hurt SEO

As a web designer, it is important to look at those features that will affect the user experience, functionalities and navigational issues. The reason being that these features have a great impact on the ranking of your website. Here we will give you...
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SEO Strategy: 5 Don’ts In Keyword Research

For business marketers, it is a common fact in their world that in creating their keywords they are to focus on what their business is offering and how they want to be known to the market. This is a good strategy for every business websites, however,...
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Anja (Anya) Skrba
Yes, always go with longer keywords - don't use just one word keyword!
Friday, 30 March 2018 09:37
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