Why Approaching Passive Talent Can Be Cost Effective Recruitment For SMEs


Ireland’s soaring employment figures are proving quite a challenge for SMEs that need to recruit. SMEs can make their recruitment more effective by targeting passive talent. The nation’s near-full employment status means that, according to a recent survey from Performance Reward Consulting, 80% of Irish firms are finding it difficult to recruit much-needed talent. If a firm struggles to find their ideal candidate among those actively hunting for new positions, they need to look in a different direction – by targeting talented candidates who aren’t yet dreaming of pastures new. Here is why approaching passive talent can be cost effective recruitment for SMEs:

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How to Attract the Best Talent to Your SME


Is your business ready to grow and take on new staff? Are you at the point that you need to increase your employees but are wondering how to attract the best talent to your SME? Here are some tips on hiring the best talent based on my experience. 

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Business Achievers: Karen O'Reilly and Employmum


Our latest Business Achiever is Karen O'Reilly and Employmum. We asked Karen to tell us a little bit about her recruitment-focussed business and about her business journey to date. Read on to find out more in Business Achievers: Karen O'Reilly and Employmum.

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Recruitment Strategies: Talent Spotting For Your Business


When faced with a range of suitable candidates, how do you go about recruiting the right person for your business? Placing a job ad can bring in hundreds of applicants who apparently have the right qualifications. But having achieved the best exam results doesn’t necessarily make them the best person for the role. So how, in that sea of CVs, can you spot someone who has real potential to shape your business? Here are recruitment strategies that you can use for talent spotting for your business.

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8 Tips To Help Avoid Costly Hiring Mistakes


Hiring is hard. I mean, how are you supposed to know after reading somebody’s CV and a talking to them for a few minutes if they’re the right fit for your company? And yet if you don’t, you run the real risk of spending a lot of money on somebody that ends up doing more harm than good. So what can you do enhance your chances for success? Here are 8 tips to help avoid costly hiring mistakes:

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How To Attract Gen Z Candidates For Your Business


In the past few years, there has been a massive emphasis on Millennials in the job market. In fact, many companies have rebranded and reinvented themselves to attract employees from this generation. But as companies start looking to the future, it is important to think of the next crop of employees. That’s right, it is time to start thinking of Gen Z! How can companies attract Gen Z candidates to their business?

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4 Reasons Why Hiring During the Holidays is a Good Idea


Hiring during the holidays can be challenging. Business hours are abbreviated, your internal key decision makers are likely taking time off. In addition, candidates most likely have the holiday lull in mind, and are holding off on the job hunt until recruiters are back in office. But it can offer some advantages. Here are 4 reasons why hiring during the holidays is a good idea:

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What Organizations Can Learn from Facebook's Recruiting Tactics

Facebook just topped Glassdoor’s Employees’ Choice Awards as the best place to work in the United States for the third time. This begs the question, how does an organization with more than 23,000 employees and 48 offices around the world manage to re...
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5 Tips for Getting the Most out of Your HR Department

In 2018, most small and medium enterprises (SMEs) tend to outsource their HR in order to get a better deal in the short-term. Still, handling your HR in-house can be equally as efficient, provided you know how to get the most out of it. Apart from be...
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Want a Thriving Business? Focus on Staff Augmentation


We often hear about various hiring strategies that are of high demand among organisations and businesses or read numerous pros and cons of each such strategy and their comparisons. In this article, we offer you a deeper insight into one of the most effective and popular hiring strategies named staff augmentation.

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6 Ways to Recruit the Best Staff for Your Small Business

6 Ways to Recruit the Best Staff for Your Small Business

As a small business, it can be difficult to compete for the best people. With your company's resources nowhere near as plentiful as those of big corporations, how can you attract and recruit the best staff? The fact is that there are highly qualified people out there who could be perfect for your company, so the trick is to develop an effective recruitment policy that makes your business an appealing option. Here are 6 tips to recruit and retain the best staff for your small business.

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The Pros and Cons of Outsourcing Recruitment


Running a successful small business is hard work and time consuming, so getting outside help from time to time is often seen as essential rather than a luxury. In fact there is now a whole industry of business outsourcing services available to help business owners in all areas of running their companies. Perhaps one of the most important aspects of your business that you will be tempted to outsource is recruitment. But what are the pros and cons of outsourcing recruitment? 

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