Follow the Leader - Brian O'Reilly, of MCE Events

In the latest of our interviews with business leaders about their journey so far and plans for future success, we speak to Brian O’Reilly, MD at Dublin-based MCE Events. Since it was founded 18 years ago, MCE has organised events and parties for hous...
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Tara De Buitlear
Nice to read about another indigenous SME who has grown.
Thursday, 19 July 2018 09:45
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Living with a SEAL: Lessons in Leadership From the Military

Business is starting to realise that you can learn a lot from the Military. It makes sense, after all, the Military have been training leaders for centuries. The implication of leadership failure is also a lot more serious in the Military.  Living wi...
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Being Invincible: A Successful Transition from Solo-Founder to a Leader

Jeff Lopez founded Gloob Marketing back in 2007. As we know the inspiring stories of College Drop Outs but the great leaders, Jeff also doesn’t hold any college degree, but he was able to grow at a fast pace. He has worked with great organizations li...
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5 Leadership Styles and Their Effectiveness

There's a clear difference between bosses and the leaders, with latter being the obvious choice for any serious entrepreneur. However, it's not as easy defining just how a certain leader prefers to lead, which is extremely important for optimizing a ...
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