6 HR Mistakes Not To Make For Small Businesses


Running a small business means taking on multiple roles. However, having to handle so many jobs, from marketing to managing employees, can lead to costly mistakes. It's not uncommon for a small-business owners to neglect the human-resources side of the business when things are going smoothly, but not staying on top of employee management can lead to high turnover and possible litigation. With human-resource errors being one of the main reasons most small business fail in less than five years, employee management must be one of your top priorities. To up your odds of survival, here are 6 HR mistakes not to make for small businesses:

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4 Reasons Why Hiring During the Holidays is a Good Idea


Hiring during the holidays can be challenging. Business hours are abbreviated, your internal key decision makers are likely taking time off. In addition, candidates most likely have the holiday lull in mind, and are holding off on the job hunt until recruiters are back in office. But it can offer some advantages. Here are 4 reasons why hiring during the holidays is a good idea:

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What Organizations Can Learn from Facebook's Recruiting Tactics

Facebook just topped Glassdoor’s Employees’ Choice Awards as the best place to work in the United States for the third time. This begs the question, how does an organization with more than 23,000 employees and 48 offices around the world manage to re...
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Hiring Value: 3 Things Your Business Should Look for from Any Applicant

Job Interview
Employees play a large and critical role in the success of a business, so it’s extremely important to choose the right ones. That means looking for specific things throughout the interview and hiring process. There are many factors that go into makin...
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The Tech Skills Prospective Employers Look for In New Candidates

Applying for a new job is overwhelming and terrifying, and those are also the reasons it’s so exciting. Change always comes with its fair share of fear. Nothing new and exciting can happen unless you’re willing to step outside your comfort zone, and ...
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Want a Thriving Business? Focus on Staff Augmentation


We often hear about various hiring strategies that are of high demand among organisations and businesses or read numerous pros and cons of each such strategy and their comparisons. In this article, we offer you a deeper insight into one of the most effective and popular hiring strategies named staff augmentation.

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