6 Frugal Budget Practices for First-time Entrepreneurs

Running a small business is quite costly and for most enterprises, it takes 6 months to two years until they are fully profitable. In light of this fact, it doesn’t seem at all surprising that 9 out of 10 startups and small businesses never make it p...
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The Skills You Need to Become a Successful Entrepreneur in 2018

The image of becoming an entrepreneur is certainly an attractive option - we are bombarded with startup success stories in the media showing us not only the business, but also the lifestyle that comes with the success, with glimpses into their glamor...
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What You Need to Know About Buying a Business

As the baby boomer generation starts looking to sell its businesses , popular opinion suggests there will be a huge surfeit of profitable companies coming on the market in the next couple of decades. If you have a lifelong dream of running your own b...
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James OSullivan
Interesting stuff, and definitely due diligence is needed here!
Thursday, 23 November 2017 16:27
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Sales Theories to Help a Startup Increase Revenue

Launching a startup can be a truly exhilarating experience. Startup entrepreneurs find themselves in the incredible position of being in charge of guiding their own destiny. Millions of people would love that chance. Few do what is necessary to creat...
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5 Things You Must Do to Ensure a Successful Startup

Having a business degree is not a requirement when starting your own business. What’s more important is equipping yourself with the knowledge and skills that will keep you current or even ahead of your competition. Do not ever allow yourself to stop ...
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