8 Proven Brand Design Principles For Startups to Follow


A brand is more than just a logo. Branding is the image a company presents to the public. It colours all interactions, all marketing, and all user expectations. In many ways, branding is defined by people’s perceptions as much as it is by what your company produces or the service you provide. In other words, branding is critical to the success of every company and is involved in all aspects of a business. The following 8 principles are a guide to effectively design your brand and take your business to the next level. Here are 8 proven brand design principles for startups to follow:

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How to Create the Perfect Brand Name


The company name is the most important element of a brand personality and its visual distinction in the marketplace. The name provides a universal reference point through language and it is the one element of the brand personality that has to be got right and should never change thereafter. Here's how to create the perfect brand name:

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Why Preparation is Key When Building a Brand


If you have just launched your startup, you are probably wondering what makes a brand or a business a complete success. Well, you might believe that this question has a complicated answer, but the truth is far simpler than you might think. Almost everything your business does will influence your success! Your beautiful logo, your catchy brand name and that ad campaign that attracted the right customers - your brand’s success goes beyond that too. Here's why preparation is key when building a brand:

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5 Reasons to Elevate Your Branding Efforts to a Whole New Level

When you go shopping, do you pick the first shampoo you come across, or do you look for that one particular name in the crowd? We, as creatures guided by our emotions, we make all of our decisions, buying ones included, based on how we feel about a c...
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The Power of Color in Branding

Color is a powerful branding tool. It stimulates an emotional experience, and is the psychology behind a customer’s choice, trust, and support. People react to the non-verbal color communication presented through the brand colors and digital marketin...
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Steps to Achieving an Optimal Brand Architecture

As an invaluable element of global market positioning and brand recognition, brand architecture allows you to develop new companies, products and services and customize their visual identity, personality and voice in order to reach your audience. Thi...
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Effective Strategies for Improving Brand Loyalty

A brand is more than a logo, a name, a color, or a product. It is similar to a house you need to build from scratch. During this creative process, each of these elements goes on top of one another, creating a beautiful, unique entity that stands out....
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Most Creative and Successful PR Campaigns from the First Half of 2017

  Now that we’re nearing the end of the year, it’s safe to say that 2017 has been quite eventful. Not only with current events and the instability of the world’s sociopolitical state, the media was filled with interesting content and PR stunts that s...
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