General Guidelines

All content must be written with a business owner as reader in mind. Please note that our target audience is business owners and managers in Ireland and UK.

Only content articles meeting both our Business Achievers content quality standards and article guidelines will be published. They must be unique and not published already. We also ask that you ensure that the lead image you pick for your article is either owned by you or licenced for use. 

Start your article with a short 1-2 line paragraph and include your article title at the end of your introductory paragraph, e.g. if your title is "17 Video Marketing Statistics that May Surprise You" then at the end of the intro paragraph add a line like "Here are 17 Video Marketing Statistics that May Surprise You."


Make sure when pasting in text that you don't paste direct from e.g. Word which can carry over formatting. Paste into a text editor to remove the formatting before pasting onto the website editor.

Please supply a lead image, which should be unbranded without text, it should be landscape jpg/png size 1035px X 521px. Please ensure the image you use is not blurry. Images uploaded must be either your own or available under licence.

Font should be Tahoma.

Use Body Size 9 for article text.

Use Heading 3 for Internal Headers / Breaks between paragraphs.

Use bullets and numbered bullets to break up large paragraphs.

Don't include a signature or biography on your article. Your profile will be shown at the end displaying your details.

Don't write full words in uppercase.

Custom page title must have up to 64 characters.

Meta description must have up to 150 characters.


We don't allow guest posts written blatantly to get an outbound link. The outbound link must be relevant to not only the title and topic but also the text within which it is placed, and it must be useful to business owners. There is a limit of 3 external links per post. 

Rich anchor text will always be changed to nofollow.

Author biography

Please ensure your biography is completed. You may have one link to your company within your bio if you wish. If your biography is not complete then your guest article will not be considered for publication. 


Preview your post before sending for approval as the published version might look different in terms of the size of fonts and formatting.

Upon submission your article will be reviewed by our editorial team. If the quality standard is met but there are formatting issues, you will be asked to correct these before publication.

If your content article is then accepted for publication you will receive a notification that it has gone to publication. We ask you to please share the article on your social channels. If you do not hear from us, then your article was not accepted.