Why Companies Should Seriously Consider Donating to Charities


Civilized society is known for giving rewards and recognition to entrepreneurs and businesses who donate time and energy to charitable causes. There are also many direct and indirect benefits to businesses that give money to the needy or organized charities.

The exchange between entrepreneurs and companies with the charities and needy individuals they donate to is an essential part of a free market society, and it has led to prosperity for the benefactors and many perks for the donators.

Although there are advantages for companies and entrepreneurs who donate, they often do so without anticipating direct payment or financial gain from it. As stated before, though, there are rewards for people and companies that engage in philanthropy. Below are four examples of how a business may benefit if it decides to engage in philanthropy.

Your Business Makes the Community a Better Place to Live In

When a company or business gives back to the community, it almost instantly becomes more valuable and revered in the eyes of the citizens. This also goes back to loyalty. Citizens will be more than happy to become loyal customers of a business willing to clean up a park or improve a dangerous area.

They will likely spend extra for a company willing to help out the community's children with school supplies or fixing a local, rundown park the city cannot afford to repair. A business cannot outright buy loyalty, but it can impact loyalty by offering help to families and children, especially if the community might have never expected the gifts or desperately needed them.

Your Reputation Starts to Build in the Community

Graduates of a master MBA online know well the impacts a positive reputation has on business success. When the community sees it is benefiting directly thanks to the company, the result is no different than aggressively and successfully marketing the brand, advertising the business and showcasing any products or props like hats that get donated along with any cash donations.

It is the perfect opportunity to cement the name of the business into the minds of the community, especially the biggest benefactors. It is extremely valuable advertising because the recipients will also feel extreme gratitude and loyalty.

The Business Can Be Used to Help At-Risk Areas and Populations

According to Adventist University of Health Sciences, the lives of indigenous populations across the globe can be summed up as hard due to pervasive poverty and lack of resources. Many lack the technology to improve their lives. Their villages and homes are regularly encroached upon by outside business interests.

It is important to respect indigenous populations if they wish to be left alone or assist them if possible. There are many ways to say thank you and help. For example, your business could purchase medicine and sponsor a doctor from Doctors Without Borders to assist in keeping these endangered treasures from going extinct. Even though this type of support is not on a local scale, the potential benefits still exist.

Connections and Networking

Aside from all the niceties like ecological concern and caring about people, a cold, successful business leader knows that promoting the company image, name and public opinion of their company is very important. Helping a needy community improves the area that commerce is conducted in, which drives profits up.

Additionally, it also boosts the internal morale among the other more emotional and naturally charitable employees. Finally, it will probably gain political attention, which makes it possible to make the local politicians look good in exchange for any future political needs or favors for the business.

In order to properly participate in philanthropy, it will take connections with people who have been doing it for a long time until you get experience, so seek them out. Also, respect and trust is usually formed over time, so don’t expect huge results all at once. Finally, with all of the benefits associated with a company being actively charitable, all companies should make philanthropy mandatory and central part of their company's business model.

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