How to Optimise Your Company’s Office Space to Boost Employee Productivity


Productive employees can help your business thrive. Employees are also happier in their job when they are able to be productive. Here are a few tips you can use to help make your office more conducive to employee productivity.

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1. Decorate with impact in mind

The decor of your office will impact your employees. Decorate with artwork to give employees something to look at. You can also add minimalist touches to desks in your office. Live plants are also a great way to add a pop of color in the office while also providing health benefits to your employees.

2. Consider the Colour and Lighting

The colour of the office and the lighting in it can have a huge impact on productivity levels. A stark white can promote mental focus and alertness. A blue-tinged white can help employees stay calm while they are focusing. Either one may increase productivity.

You should also consider the light source in your office. While fluorescent lighting may seem like the best and cheapest option, natural lighting is better.

If you have a lot of windows, consider the right shades. Office blinds will work best if they are easy to use (like motorised window shades, for example), provide aesthetic appeal and allow for the most amount of light to come into the office at each time.

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3. Keep Employees Hydrated

When people can hydrate, they’ll be more alert and focused. The focus they have can lead to greater productivity. Make water coolers and drinking fountains easily accessible to employees. You may even want to encourage employees to take advantage of the water cooler by offering incentives.

Another trick you can use is giving free reusable cups. Employees will want to use them because they’re new and fun. You’ll save money on the cost of paper cups and be more environmentally friendly too. A water cooler with reusable tumblers for employees is a win-win for you and them.

4. Try New Equipment

Whether you invest in standing desks or multi-function printing machines, trying something new can boost employee productivity. It is a good idea to start trying these out on a small scale. If the equipment works and you see productivity increasing, you can then invest in more of it. A great way to learn about what new equipment you can get for the office is to simply ask employees. Happy employees are the most productive.

Most of these tips require only small changes. Your employees will have a chance to be more productive if you work to make the office a better place.

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