How to Lead A Stress Free Life As An Entrepreneur


Crisis never comes from where we expect it. This is the nature of the crisis. It will always catch us off guard and make us feel vulnerable. For an entrepreneur, managing crisis is a part of the job role. A project might get stopped for some totally unexpected reason or you might get diagnosed with a serious disease. For example, just a few months ago, I was diagnosed with IBS [Irritable Bowel Syndrome]. But as an entrepreneur, people expect you to stay calm and sober even under extreme stress.

Of panicking never helps but sometimes we just can’t help ourselves from thinking over and over a situation. Sometimes, the physical exhaustion and the mental stress eventually lead to a complete meltdown. And this can have serious implication on the growth of your organization. Your company is not just another business entity; it is your life and your passion and therefore, you simply can’t give it up in the face of adversity rather you need to rise up and face them.

Every artist, every sportsperson and if we are not entirely wrong, every entrepreneur has faced situation like this but most of them have shown their never say die attitude even under extreme pressure. But it is not because, they have superhuman capabilities or have some unique skills that allow them to remain cool and calm even when things seem to be falling apart. Actually, they have developed a unique state of mental readiness that helps them overcome crisis.

If you have been on this entrepreneurship journey for the past few months or years and you are finding it hard to deal with its complex problems lately, you might need to check out the following tips to bring down the level of stress and to have peace of mind –

Be Positive

You need to think positive no matter how bad the situation is. Optimism never kills anyone unless you are fighting in a war and are overestimating your capabilities. When things start going haywire, you will find it hard to keep your focus on a particular thing and then mental breakdown will eventually follow. We understand that you are emotionally attached with your organization but there will be time, when you need to look at things objectively. You need to think like an employee of your organization and then only you will be able to make informed decisions. Please for Christ’s sake don’t take any decision when you are not emotionally stable. Take time to calm down and then try to figure out a solution.


It does not matter whether you are an atheist or a deeply religious person, meditation can help you both mentally and physically. And believe me, mediation or yoga has nothing to do with your religious belief or lack of religious belief. It is an ancient Indian practice that helps us keep our body and mind in proper shape. No need to join a yoga class as we understand that you are running short of time. There are hundreds of meditation tutorials available on YouTube. Just follow the steps and you will get the idea how to keep your emotions and mind under control.

Call Your Friends

We all understand that most entrepreneurs are so busy that they barely get enough time to keep in touch with their friends. But talking to your school friends can help you keep your mind fresh and active. You have no idea how a little chitchat with your best buddies can have such profound impact on your mental condition. You will find yourself more relaxed, more focused and more alive. And the most important part is that your friends will help you keep grounded. So, whenever you feel stressed out, just pick up your phone and call your best friend. We know it is tough if you guys are out of touch for a long period of time but believe us, they will understand because they are also going through the same. And sometimes, the most awkward guy in your ‘wolf pack’ might give you the best advice of your

Go Out and Have Fun

Don’t be so hard on yourself. Sometimes, you just need to take a break. Go backpacking, visit a Buddhist monastery or go on an adventure like Bear Grylls. Feel the nature. Shut down your computer, iPhone and all other electronic devices and try to visit a Masai Mara village. Learn how they tend their cows and how their social structure works. It will be a life changing experience for you. Once you feel refreshed, you can go back to the concrete jungle.

Calm Down

There is no need to take decision in haste. Unless the situation is getting progressively worse and you need to intervene on immediate basis, you need to be patient. Talk to your team members and listen attentively to their suggestions. Don’t interrupt them in the middle even if they are talking nonsense because that might discourage other people to give their honest suggestions. Just calm down and then try to make a well informed decision.

Take Care of Your Health

Health is wealth. Well, we have heard this old saying countless number of times right but it still rings true. Forget about the astronomical medical bill; if your health deteriorates, you will not be able to concentrate on your work. It might even make your credit report look really bad, so you need to be extra careful. You need to take plenty of fluids and you need to bring down the level of stress at any cost. Do some exercise and take short breaks from work whenever possible. Eat at regular intervals and never skip a meal because that will have serious implication on your health.

Don’t Take Caffeine

There are three things that you have to avoid at any cost are – cigarette, caffeine and alcohol. When people are under stress, they feel tempted to take a cup coffee or smoke a cigar. Of course, they will make you feel revitalized for few minutes or hours but eventually, they will make you feel more tired and exhausted at the end of the day. So, be careful while going on a caffeine binge.

Remember that these are the strategies and if you want to get results from them, you need to follow them religiously. Hopefully, they will help you lead a stress free life.

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