SEO, PPC, SEM - marketing acronyms simply explained

If we search online for Marketing acronyms there are hundreds, some of which we will use throughout our working lives and some we won’t ever have the need to use; here are a list of 11 regularly used acronyms in business, all simplistically explained: SEO Search Engine Optimization PPC Pay Per Click SEM Search Engine Marketing PR Public Relations SM Social Media B-2-B Business to Business B-2-C Business to Consumer ROI Return on Investment KPI Key Performance Indicator DM Direct Marketing NAP Name Address Phone If there are acronyms you are aware of but you don’t see below, then visit Wikipedia for an endless list of regularly updated marketing acronyms. As online marketing and marketing in general rapidly moves forward, new acronyms are born, ever evolving with technology. Search Engine Optimization A way to reach the top of an internet search engine organically, given your business a high ranking place, usually top five. Pay Per Click Advertising your business on a different company website for a pre-decided rate/cost attached. Search Engine Marketing A way to reach the top of an internet search engine by paying a fee to get a high ranking place, usually top three. Public Relations Promoting your business through stories, events or activities by using/utilising the media and press. Social Media A way to engage with potential customers and existing customers at minimal cost, an instant way to promote your business. Business to Business Speaking directly business to business - not involving the consumer. Business to Consumer Engaging directly from your business with the consumer. Email, Newsletter, shop-facing. Return on Investment A way of knowing whether your business expenditure has resulted in financial profit. Key Performance Indicator A way to measure value and whether a business is achieving/has achieved business targets. Direct Marketing Usually relates to email, newsletter, door drop, leaflets placed in hands. Reaching your market directly. Name Address Phone The daily information we share when purchasing something online. New Marketing Acronyms Using marketing acronyms is becoming the norm as we steadily approach the next decade. Children have been brought up with the acronym ‘Selfie’ meaning to take a self portrait, so even two year olds are using acronyms these days. The acronym ‘Selfie’ is used everywhere from the office to the supermarket, at home and at the gym - there’s no escaping it. If you have a mobile phone or are on a social media channel you will see or potentially use an acronym each time you send a message or post something. From LOL to TTFN we are all acronym savvy. As technology evolves, acronyms evolve, and we evolve with them! LOL - Laugh out Loud TTFN - Ta ta for now The saying ‘That’s A Wrap’ - is a film industry acronym used at the end of a scene or the end of the film being made - originating from ‘Wind, reel and print’ - to rewind the print and reel the rushes. Simply explained it means ‘the end’.


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Sunday, 08 December 2019
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