Leaflet Marketing for SMEs – The Key Considerations


In the digital age, there's a tendency for SMEs to become preoccupied with online marketing techniques.

After all, digital channels are often considered as being central to cost-effective marketing campaigns, while they also provide businesses with instant access to a vast audience.

While cost is an important consideration for SMEs, however, the return on investment (ROI) is arguably more crucial. This is why so many small and medium-sized businesses create integrated marketing campaigns that include a number of offline channels, as many of these offer an exceptional and often underrated ROI.

Take leaflet marketing, for example, which can deliver an ROI that is 40-times your initial investment and is proven to have a positive impact in the minds of consumers.

In the post below, we'll look at the key considerations for leaflet marketing and offer some advice on how to leverage this channel effectively.

Is your Audience Receptive to Leaflet Marketing?

Let's start with the basics; as even the most widely used marketing channels may prove ineffective if they're incompatible with your audience.

Leaflet marketing is no exception to this rule, as while this remains an extremely effective method of targeting customers there are studies which suggest that some industries benefit from this practice more than other.

Studies have shown that businesses in the retail sector benefit the most from leaflet marketing, with nine out of 10 customers in this space happy to receive correspondence.

This marketing channel is also particularly effective for restaurants and local service providers, who often look to target customers with a clearly defined, geographical region.

Does Leaflet Marketing Build Brand Awareness?

One of the primary goals of new and burgeoning businesses is to build brand awareness, as this lays the foundation for further recognition and sustained consumer loyalty in the future.

In this respect, leaflet marketing represents an extremely effective channel for SMEs. Aside from its impressive ROI, it's estimated that 89% of consumers remember receiving a door drop mailing, with this figure higher than any other marketing channel available to small businesses in the digital age.

Furthermore, approximately 45% of recipients hold on to leaflets for a concerted period of time, or share these directly with friends and family members. This, in turn, provides an extremely cost-effective method through which brands can build awareness, while incrementally enhancing their reach and exposure.

Are you Using Leaflet Marketing as Part of an Integrated Strategy?

In the quest to build awareness, you'll need to continually communicate with customers while maintaining as consistent a tone as possible.

This is why leaflet marketing must be utilised as part of an integrated campaign, and one that is structured to provide a relevant customer journey while leveraging assisted conversions wherever possible.

Regular leaflet drops can help to build awareness and cultivate a sense of trust among your customers, for example, before being used to advertise specific promotions.

This can then direct traffic both in-store and online, with content being tailored to effectively engage target audiences and optimise conversion rates.

It's crucial that you do not become overly reliant on any form of marketing, even one as effective as leaflet drops. So long as you incorporate it as part of a detailed and integrated strategy, you can realise its full potential to the benefit of your SME.





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Tuesday, 16 July 2019
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