How SMEs Could Benefit from Faster Express Shipping Options


If you own a small business, then you’ll know how demanding it can be. Every day you’re required to split your time among endless and varied tasks, from cash-flow management and financial forecasting, to hiring and admin.

Your customers should be your main focus, as they are the centre of your business and crucial to success. But with so many areas vying for your attention, finding the time to boost customer experience can be difficult. There's also a wider issue of funding, with around four out of 10 SMEs in the UK struggling to secure the capital they need to achieve their objectives. 

Fortunately, shipping is one area that can be improved affordably and in a relatively short time, to increase customer satisfaction. To explore this further, this article will look at the reasons why fast parcel delivery can benefit your small business.

Streamlined Storage

Businesses commonly have warehouses or stock rooms that are badly managed. The biggest culprit is large amounts of slow selling items. Storing these products takes up space that higher selling units could use, resulting in a potential reduction in profits. In order for fast shipping to benefit a business, storage must be streamlined. This encourages better layout, with optimised routes and organisation, to make it easy to pick and pack.

Increased Inventory

When shipping using faster services, such as next-day, orders must be packed quickly. This means your business has the ability to shift stock at a higher rate. In turn, this allows more inventory to pass through your business, without requiring additional space. As such, this can help a small business to grow without the added cost of extra storage or warehouse facilities.

Better Productivity

When offering standard shipping services, items can be packed and shipped at a slower rate. However, for express delivery, orders must be read to send on the same day. This means employees must work towards strict deadlines. This has the potential to increase productivity and keep staff members feeling driven and focused.

Better Trust

For small businesses, one of the biggest challenges can be competing with large firms to attract customers. However, express shipping can help. This could make your company appear bigger and more professional, inspiring higher levels of traffic. In turn, this may boost sales, revenue and retention rates.

While you may be worried that express shipping could cost more – something that may seem counter-intuitive to a small business with limited cash-flow – it could result in savings. With the potential to handle more inventory, a better organised warehouse, harder working employees and higher levels of trust, faster shipping could reduce storage costs, make working hours more profitable, and increase sales.

These points should help to highlight how SMEs can benefit from express delivery options, as entrepreneurs look to grow their ventures in an efficient and cost-effective manner.




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Saturday, 20 July 2019
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