Tips to Reduce Time on your Email

One can have the best intentions when it comes to being productive at work. Unfortunately, there are a lot of things throughout the day that can combat this. Email is one area that can cause people to lose valuable time throughout the day. There are several simple things that a person can do to reduce the amount of time that is spent on email.

1. Email Sorting

Depending on the person, there may be a lot of times that emails need to be referenced later. Having a well organized email system can certainly assist with this. By using folders for different clients and subjects, emails can be organized and easily found when necessary. If the emails are being sorted into folders, the inbox can be kept empty when all emails have been filed or reviewed.

In addition to folders, many business email clients have filtering or sorting options where emails can automatically go to the correct folder, be flagged as important or even deleted. These rules are usually quite customizable and can be set up based on things such as the sender or words in the subject.

2. Remove Notifications

While working at the computer, there are often many projects that require a good deal of concentration. If the email program has a notification system, this can be quite distracting. Every time that a pop up alert comes on the screen, the natural reaction is to take a moment to look at the email. This can certainly get a person distracted and away from the more important task at hand. Turning off the notifications can be quite helpful.

3. Make a Phone Call

Emails can often get quite involved and take up a good deal of time throughout the day. Many times, there is a back and forth dialogue when it comes to going over intricate plans or many details. People often do not think about making a quick phone call instead of sending the multiple emails. In many instances, a phone call will save valuable time.

4. Check Less Frequently

This may be one of the more difficult things to do, but can certainly help to save a great deal of time throughout the day. If a person makes an effort to only check email at certain times throughout the day, a surprising amount of work can get done. In some businesses, this may not be possible but is worth the effort.

Email is an amazingly convenient way to communicate. With many businesses, this is an essential part of every day. Unfortunately, email can be very distracting and prevent a person from getting essential work done. With a few simple steps, it is easy to manage the email inbox and be more productive.

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Sunday, 19 November 2017
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