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We were doing a traditional old fashioned money, marketing, management and motivation ezine this week. Then we got an email asking us how we were getting on with our facebook and linkedin pages. It was enough to set us off on a tangent. We have a facebook page that we 'work' and a linked in page that we can't find. So we'll deal with facebook and come back to linkedin later.

Not really sure about facebook. Air kissing comes to mind and what the Pope said: to paraphrase... facebook friends are like air kiss friends (ie not real).

We kind of agree. In the Western world air kissing is vacuous. A simulation of contact. Insincere sincerity. The pretense of kissing. Pursed lips.......mwah, mwah, mwah....a touch of cheek..fleeting... like the 15 minutes before a Council of Europe meeting...or a Conclave of...(Stop...for God's sake, not the church aswell! ed.)

OK. But what do air kiss friends talk about?  Stuff!: that's overused and consequently of little import; lacking originality, freshness or depth...(just like those meetings in some European capitals  O:-) )


The right stuff

It's something that we need to be careful about on SBC. We want the right stuff on the site. Contributions promoting positivity...not positivity for the sake of positivity. In some cases feelings are being discussed. But it shouldn't be touch feely, it should be about time management, stress management, empathy in a sales situation....Not being sarcastic here. Like, we have people on the team who meditate. But we also have people who've had doors slammed in their faces while cold calling...only to knock again. (Insurance is sold after all not bought!). And some of the new agey stuff is beginning to freak them out....feelings, SEO, coaching, mentoring, feelings, twittering....

And they're blaming facebook, saying its too soft..its not real doesn't generate prospects and suspects and sales!

But do you know what kills their argument. There's a zillion billion people on facebook talking about 'stuff'. The kind of stuff you want to get them talking about on the door step so that they wont slam the door in your face...they might even invite you in!

How do you get them talking about your stuff, that's the Billion Dollar question isn't it?


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Sunday, 19 November 2017
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