New business opportunities!

Research by Innovator and CIES has identified 16 insights / potential new business opportunities in the civic security sector.

One was around the lack of space around the regulatory security activities required in airports.

So opportunity to repackage, combine and integrate better  processes, procedures & products and make them work more efficiently in less space. Opportunities for architects, or small manufacturers to expand in partnership with security experts to supply better designer solutions and manufacturing partners to produce modular solutions that can be customise for all European airports.

Another opportunity identified was around training systems due to the need to constantly update security staff and bring in the benefits of new types of  training technologies to make outcomes more effective. Additionally new training content opportunities were also identified which all have export potential.


Security is now part of all our lives and the use of security at rail stations, ports, sports stadium, concerts, other sensitive events is growing, so potential opportunity for leased mobile security units (people and product) and more cost efficient security installations are in demand all driven by regulatory requirement.

All of the 16 opportunities are focused at small business. Who are more agile and faster at bring a solution to the market place than the larger companies who dominate this sector. CIES role is to help small business network into these markets either through a supply train into these larger companies and learn how this sector works or going direct to security operators once the process, product or service has been certified.

The Pilot Program

A unique pilot program has been instigated by InterTrade Ireland and is focused on delivering new opportunities to small business in the civil security market. The objectives of the program is first to demonstrate to small business how to identify unmet & hidden customer need and use these to sustain and create business growth in the short term, next 18 months.

Then to introduce them to the civil security market, which covers all types of security activities - excluding defence, it is a market that is worth over €26b in Europe alone and over €106b globally and growing even during this recession at 5% per annum.

There are  only three workshops left in this program and each one is limited to a max of 15 companies attendance at each.

Register online at


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Sunday, 22 October 2017
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