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Our media watcher Lisa Raftery from Ulster Bank has diligently send over her weekly media watch, and we have been remiss in passing it on:

Harvard is fixing women underrepresentation

Harvard has introduced a class on how to fix women underrepresentation on corporate boards

Some interesting findings:

- women are more successful than men when they take a job with a different company. It’s because high-powered women don’t take the organizations where they work for granted. Men do, because they are the majority

- when they look for a job at another company, they are a lot more strategic.

- Men mostly look for more compensation. Women look for this, but they also look at the culture of a company and the makeup of the executive team.

- Women only want to join companies that have objective measures of performance, so they don’t have to play politics.

More here

After business achievers, apply for the Cartier Awards

For the First Time, The Cartier Women’s Initiative Awards Come to Ireland. Apply for business achievers first and then apply here.

New book

Sheryl Sandberg (COO Facebook) is launching a new book: Women Need To Get More Comfortable With Power. Some highlights:

• Women need to take more responsibility for their success

• It comes down to having more self-confidence

• Women should not ask for mentors

• Men must be open to change

• Marriage should be 50/50

• “Having it all" is a myth

• There's still a lot of work to do

6 reasons for not leading 

Forbes about the 6 reasons she feels women are not leading in Corporate America

• The differences between men and women are not fully understood or valued

• Whole-self authenticity is a must-have for many women, yet impossible still in many corporate environments

• Life, family and work priorities clash fiercely

• Extreme work demands can drum women out

• Marginalizing of women is more common than we want to admit

• Personal accountability needs to be expanded






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Sunday, 19 November 2017
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