Getting priorities right!

As we face into more savage austerity, lets ponder on making our businesses even more lean and meaner.


Motivation…Do we need any more?

Four of Australia's largest banks have been downgraded by Moody's! What'll happen to us if Oz goes down? Where will we go? With safe haven's disappearing fast, we may just have to buckle down and try to build great businesses here in Ireland. Having no where to retreat to has to go up there near the top of the list under the 'Motivation' pillar of growth. Click on the link and see if you can help with any of the answers to questions being asked by businesspeople that are highly motivated and focused.

Marketing…Getting down and dirty?

Here's a marketing one for you which shows that we are not yet at the stage of fully exploiting all and any means of promoting our businesses. Not one company has yet 'guerilla marketed' at the Business Live events staged so far. The SBC team would go into the Business live halls full of anticipation and hope that some company - any company - would place its literature on the seats of attendees. We're still waiting?

There is some hope for us yet though. The Irish Export Coop copped on to the opportunity and its founder attended all the Business Live events and made sure that he told his story to the audience - his prospects. His story became so integrated into the event that attendees thought he was part of the show. He wasn't but that didn't stop him becoming the star of the show!

Money..the root of all evil?

Another great promoter of his business is Gary Stewart. He was at the Athlone event and made a very interesting comment from the audience when we were discussing money. Basically he asked if the pursuit of grants was forcing business owners take their eye off the real ball ie finding customers and winning business. An audience discussion certainly came to one conclusion: that the boot strapping of businesses in the bad old eighties when nobody had any money has not returned…yet!

Management…knowing who's boss

Last word goes to Kate Marshall of MastIreland: When sitting on the panel in Belfast discussing building management capability to grow a business, Kate pointed out that the support of spouse and family were vital, especially if business owners were venturing abroad and spending long times away from home.

Roll on next week…the end is nigh?



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Friday, 20 October 2017
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