Fruit and vegetable wholesales bring value to the householder

With the current economic climate and the everyday house holder watching every euro, Chefs Garden, an independent fruit and vegetable wholesaler, has decided to take value and quality to the homes of Dublin, with the support of their suppliers.
The concept was put together by chef Chris

Collins and fruit and vegetable wholesaler Paul Hussey.

Online Shopping a big success

To achieve this they have set up an on line shopping website called Chefs Garden direct and have taken on the Supermarkets head on. They have used their current food service suppliers, who in a normal day would be used to supply restaurants, hotels and other food operations in the Dublin area, and put their produce to the market place at wholesale prices  delivered directly to people in their homes.

The service offers a next day delivery with a full range of products inclusive of fruit, vegetables, fish, dairy, meat and bread products. With over 400 products on their website you, the customer, have plenty of choice with a bonus of free delivery offered to all orders over 40.00 euros.

A Turbulent market place

The focus of Chefs Garden is to promote Irish suppliers and selling as much Irish produce as possible, in doing so supporting these suppliers and increasing business in a turbulent current market place.

The cut off time for next day delivery is 9.00pm which enables Chefs Garden time to process and reach out to suppliers ensuring that you, the customer, get the best and freshest produce in the shortest time, meat is cut to order, fish is drawn from Howth harbor on an daily basis and bread is baked that night to order for next day delivery.

The food supplied to your front door by Chefs Garden will be at its best and freshest.  In utalising local business food miles are very few and local businesses are promoted and kept working.

Chefs Garden are continually updating their website adding more produce every day.

The Vison

Chefs Garden has a vision where we can offer value all the time and not some of the time.  For example a price of a large family Irish chicken will remain the same value all the time, not just for a designated time like the major supermarkets, good value this week and prices increased again 10 days later.

We look forward to meeting you and delivering our promise of the finest and freshest fruit, vegetables, fish, dairy, meat and bread products directly to your door through


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Saturday, 25 November 2017
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