For the day that's in it...

Here's an eZine without a strategy. There is no theme. There is no long term vision. All we're doing is taking the obvious low hanging fruit on the site, doing a bit of slicing and dicing and then bundling all together to meet our obligation of putting out a circular per week. We're not even going to attempt to address the bigger picture. (When we see what we come up with, we'll write a retrospective and claim that there's a strategy behind it after all.)

Advice on exporting to Switzerland

Here's someone looking to export to Switzerland. A good post which shows that Ice Boutique is doing the groundwork.

I am planning to export high end consumer goods to Switzerland, I've a shipping company lined up, routes to market identified and sales channels defined. I'm still doing some final research but would love to hear from anyone who has entered the Swiss market, any constructive advice, the pitfalls, things to watch out for and any difficulties to be aware of. All input much appreciated!!

Retreating from a broadband contract

Moving from the new world back to the old world, someone here is looking to see if they have any legal recourse to retreat from a contract with a telco provider. With so many on long term contracts, any insights or articles would be of great interest!


Employment and Investment Incentive Scheme

Long time contributor Paul Brady has launched a new website to help SMEs take advantage of the new EII Scheme (EIIS).  The EIIS is a new EU scheme to allow tax efficient investment in, amongst other things, small and medium sized trading companies.


Tom is looking for an NDA template on the site. We used to have one Tom, but we sent it to the Government and Troika when they were discussing the ROI Budget in the German Parliament. Someone will post another after this goes out!

All dolled up

Here's another business looking for suggestions to promote their new internet business. It has a facility to get help from a professional stylist online! Great feature that could be exploited more.
Mentoring and Business Information Day in Dublin

DCEB will be hosting Your Business Day event again this year in the Science Gallery on Friday 9th December.  There will be lots of interesting seminars running throughout the day along with one to one mentoring and business information.

All are welcome to call in at any time during the day.  If you know of anyone that this might be of interest to please pass on the details attached.

Now the Retrospective

This ezine is about Jobs, its about supporting SMEs, it about the knowledge economy and its about preparing our economy for export growth……or something like that!


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Sunday, 19 November 2017
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