Managing the lives of busy professionals is paying dividends for Galway-based e-venture Busylizz.ie Established in 2004 by entrepreneur Tara Dalrymple, the company provides lifestyle management services to private clients, sole traders and small ventures. 

It employs seven staff in Galway, Dublin, Limerick, Cork and Wicklow. Services range from e-marketing, social marketing, website development and print design to dictation, transcription and powerpoint presentations. 

Busylizzie plans to harness its online status to enable low-cost expansion into overseas markets in Europe and the US. The company is also targeting growth in the Irish market, particularly in Dublin, where it has appointed a business development manager to attract clients.  

"Lifestyle management is like having a personal assistant at your side all the time. Because we're a virtual company, we can tap into other markets readily," said Dalrymple.  

Dalrymple established the venture, using her laptop, with no start-up funding. At the time, she said, awareness of lifestyle management -- an American concept -- was non-existent in the Irish market.

Back-Office Support

In the years since, Dalrymple has seen growing demand for back-office support among business customers. "It is the mainstay of our business at the moment. We are a one-stop-shop for SMEs who can't afford to do everything themselves," she said.  

"I knew that there was a possibility for that side of the business to be better tapped into, but the recession has spurred me to tap into it more quickly than I had anticipated. It is more lucrative."  

Many of the company's business customers are professionals, such as solicitors or consultants. Larger clients include Trinity College Dublin and University College Dublin.


Dalrymple said the internet had been integral to the growth of the company over the past four years.  

"I have a full-time employee whose job is to go through online forums and blogs to identify opportunities. It's amazing how much business you can get that way, especially from overseas," she said.

"There is so much online that people can be tapping into to generate business. Even something like Skype is still such an under-utilised resource even though it's a way to make free calls."





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Monday, 20 November 2017
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