Businesses need to become Buzz Lightyear

Was talking at our regular Thursday morning slot on Newstalk about “Infinite possibilities” by Joe Pine and Kim Korn. Joe (I met Joe in Amsterdam and we are on first name basis ;) is the author of the experience economy and this book is a natural extension.

The experience economy was written in 1999 and was then way ahead of its time. With the tsunami of digital it needed another book on how to extend the experience economy and embrace the digital frontiers.

Yes, this book is about “to boldly go where no man has gone before” or to quote Buzz Lightyear; “to infinity and beyond!”

Space, time and matter

This is about creativity and product development along some very interesting development lines. The classic core development lines are space, time, matter. Infinite possibility adds non time, non space and non matter and thus creating a new universe for innovation. What “spaces” do you get if you start combining these development lines:

  • reality
  • augmented reality
  • physical virtuality
  • mirrored virtuality
  • warped reality
  • alternate reality
  • augement virtuality
  • virtuality

Once you have done that, the new world is full of possibilities. Which brings you into the world of Wii, Guitar Hero, Deus Ex, cyberpunk, Second Life, 3D printing, avatars, Layar, Bookbuzz (yes!), Walt Disney, LEGO, Organovo, personal fabrication, World Lense and Tom-Tom. And this is just the beginning! As a science fiction freak you can understand that I am very taken by the book and not that surprised by what is now possible.

Creating an edge

Ian Geider, the presenter of the show, asked me if this is relevant to business. Because this does sound like science fiction. You bet it is relevant. You only need to read “Break from the pack” by Harari to understand how commoditization and technology are a constant threat to your company. This is a way to create an edge. To break free.

Are you still in doubt? I always like to quote from “What technology wants”. The technetium is the technology eco system that surrounds us. The technetium contains 170 quadrillion (a quadrillion is one thousand million millions) chips. The number of neurons in your brain is similar to the number of transistors in the global network. The number of file links is similar to number of synapse links in your brain. The planetary electronic membrane surrounding the worlds is comparable to the complexity of the human brain.

There is no escaping technology and its impact on your business.

This book gives you the tool set to apply attribute listing (chopping up you business, product or service in the smallest parts possible and find alternatives) in a completely new way and fundamentally change your business model in a blue ocean of infinite possibilities.

If you don’t, your competitor will.

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Friday, 20 October 2017
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