Are You Part Of A Dynamic Duo

As proven again and again leadership is essential for exponential growth. We assume you have a value proposition that sounds like a bell, that you have your customers and that you have a scalable business model.

Now examine your leadership.
Apparently you need a mix of leaders, one leader that is internally focused (control, discipline, operational focused) and an outward looking leader, focusing on business relationships and market opportunities. It is that golden combination that makes companies exceptional

In literature it is referred to as the dynamic duo (like Hewlett and Packard). With limited resources, these teams execute "1 + 1 = 3" miracles. What can we learn from them:

  1. Dynamic duo leaders are superb communicators. They possess the personal chemistry, even charisma that lets them bridge the gaps between all the interest groups and make the deals.
  2. The inside focussed leader often work so far behind the scenes that you hardly hear about them in the business press or notice them when you walk in the door of a company. They are adept at creating trust-based relationships and exhibit a high propensity for effective and efficient problem solving.
  3. They get into each other's heads so well that when they are in meetings and look at each other across the room, they often know what the other is thinking."
  4. They are destiny shapers
  5. They are problem solvers and have a comfort level for problems with a lot of moving parts.
  6. They have a superior capacity to recognize patterns
  7. They keep the team, employees, customers, partners, and investors passionate about the company's direction and execution.
  8. They develop a balanced board with members who represent the external essentials: community, customers, and alliances.

To become a true leader, follow this formula:
Focus on people and product/Drive for exploration and innovation/Ability to manage the essentials simultaneously

The ideal leadership duo would create a score of 10 X 10 X 10 = 1,000, rather than the 30 they'd get by addition. Alternatively, if leaders don't achieve the performance required on each of these dimensions, the business fails. Therefore, failing to execute any one of the leadership dimensions results in a score of zero.



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Friday, 23 March 2018
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