Tips on Positioning Your Business for Sale


Owners of growing companies typically have two paths to liquidity - either offering shares to the public through an IPO (initial public offering) or a sale of the company. Here are some tips on positioning your business for sale:

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Why An Advisory Board Can Benefit Your Startup


As a startup you would be mad not to use the advice, insights, experience, knowledge and contacts of experience directors and advisors. Advisory boards are like friends you go for advice, ideas and feedback, they view your business from far, far away. Here's why an advisory board can benefit your startup

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Health & Safety is Essential Even for Small Businesses: A Guide to Getting Started


For small businesses, establishing health and safety in the workplace early on is essential. Why? Because the early stages of growth are the best times to put into place your policies and procedures. While the process is not complex, it's better to get in early rather than to scramble with a patchwork response when a crisis has already occurred because you don't have a policy in place. Here's a guide to the essentials of health & safety for small businesses:

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Understanding The Effects of Rapid Growth In Business


If your business is growing rapidly, then managing cash flow is as critical as managing sales and expenses. Here are some tips for understanding the effects of rapid growth in business:

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How to Tap Into Future Trends For Your Business


If you want to be in business for a long time, you need to develop a vision of the future and the place of your business in that future. Here's how to tap into future trends for your business:

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10 Practical Tips for Writing a Business Plan


The first thing most people will tell you when they hear you are thinking of starting your own business is that you will need a business plan. Here are some tips to get you started, with our 10 practical tips for writing a business plan:

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Follow the Leader: Pat FitzGerald


In the latest of our series of interviews with business leaders about their journey so far and plans for future success, we speak to Pat FitzGerald, founder and MD at Beotanics & FitzGerald Nurseries in Stoneyford, Kilkenny.

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5 Easy Ways to Get Ideas to Innovate for your Business


Innovation is the systematic development of new opportunities. And it's not only the 3Ms, HPs and IBMs of this world that need to innovate. It is becoming essential for business success. Product life cycles are getting shorter, the speed of change is ever increasing. Here are 5 easy ways to get ideas to innovate for your business:

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7 Tips from a CEO for Managing Hyper Growth


You are in the exciting part of the S-curve and now is time where your future market share will be determined. You need to be able to act quick and dump the (legacy) systems that hamper your ability to respond a hyper speed to new opportunities to expand your market share. Here are 7 tips from a CEO for managing hyper growth:

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7 Tips for Effective Business Partnering


Are you considering partnering for your business? Would partnership make sense for your business? Here are 7 tips for effective business partnering:

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Things to Consider When Setting Up a Business From Home


When starting a business, you might decide to base yourself at home. Many new startups were founded at kitchen tables. But sometimes space, resources, and family can make this difficult for new entrepreneurs. So here are some things to consider when starting a new business from home:

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A Framework and 10 Key Questions for Your Business Strategy


We've put together a list of questions and thoughts based on us studying a range of the latest theories on strategy, such a blue ocean strategy, future of management, renewing the core, open business models, etc. Here is a framework and 10 key questions for your business strategy that you can use to examine and develop your strategy with:

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Follow the Leader: Sinead Devlin


In the latest of our series of interviews with business leaders about their journey so far and plans for future success, we speak to Sinead Devlin, managing director of Emergenetics International for the EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) region, based in Dublin.

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Tara De Buitlear
Another very interesting interview with an Irish business leader. #BusinessAchievers
Monday, 30 July 2018 12:13
Yvonne Kennedy
Super insight into a very exciting & innovative company. Congrats Sinead, Ashley and Frank and continued success to Emergenetics!... Read More
Monday, 30 July 2018 12:42
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13 Key Questions to Ask for Growth by Acquisition


Mergers and acquisitions often play a key role in a company's ongoing growth-planning process. It may be more efficient to achieve the objectives by buying assets and resources needed for growth. Here are 13 key questions about your business for growth by acquisition:

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3 Simple Ways to Organise Your Business


As a small business owner, when you hear the word, “organisation,” as it relates to entrepreneurship or management, you might think about scheduling and organising your time. While that’s vital to any business, have you given thought to the physical organisation and layout of your operations center? Here are 3 Simple Ways to Organise Your Business:

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Ready to Rise? 4 Ways Relocating Your Business Drives Growth


As a small business owner, it’s so important to make decisions that benefit your company. In order to sustain a long-lasting business, one of the keys is to think strategically. Consider these four ways relocating your business can result in growth.

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Why Quality Control is Essential for Small Businesses

While poor or inconsistent quality with their products and services is a concern that no business can afford to discount, problems with quality assurance can be especially serious for new ventures that are struggling to establish themselves or that m...
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Modern-Day Threats: How to Reduce Your Digital Business Risks


Every business faces potential losses from cyber threats. Whether it is customer information, intellectual property, or fraud, these kinds of theft can damage your reputation and business growth. As our networks and technologies expand, protection against digital theft is now a major priority with many companies. Here are some ways to reduce your digital business risks.

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3 Critical Business Organisation Problems and How to Fix Them Fast


There is no such thing as a business, large or small, that does not have organisational problems. Sometimes these issues are growing pains, but in some cases, they are real problems which have a major impact on the production and success of the company as a whole. 3 critical issues that many companies face include the following:

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How Technology Has Changed B2B Dynamics


It is predicted that online B2B transactions of manufacturers are likely to reach around $3.68 trillion by 2025 in key economies such as the UK, China, the US and Japan. This is due to the growth of digital sales platforms, global accessibility, website compatibility and instant customer reach, which have revolutionised traditional ways of doing business. So, with technology a catalyst for changing B2B dynamics, how can your business navigate a growth strategy to adapt to the changing landscape? 

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