How to Submit a Post

To login (or create a new account)

If you have forgotten your username or password simply select ““I forgot my username/password” and follow the steps from there.

1. Once you have created your account (or logged in if you are an existing user) you will be presented with your user dashboard.

2. Click “Hello Your Name” in the top right hand corner of the browser to show the user menu dropdown.

3. Click Compose New Blog.

4. Give your post a title. Post titles should be set in capitalized case. Example: This Is My Post Set In Capitalized Case.

5. Type the contents of your post.

NOTE: The opening paragraph MUST contain 30 or more words. This is to ensure the excerpt (the preview text for each post) looks visually balanced and tidy.

NOTE: It is extremely important that you do not copy and paste your text from Word files. If you are copying from Word, you should first copy the text into a Notebook file (Textedit on a Mac). Then from there, copy into the post. This cleans the text of unnecessary formatting code. It is very important that you follow this rule and do not copy from Word as it will disrupt the formatting of the post.

6. Once you have added the text of your post, you can add images to the body of your post. To do this select “Add Media” from the top left hand side of the editor, then select “This Post” and then click “Upload” and locate the images you wish to include in your post.

7. When you are happy with your post, select a category for it from the right hand side palette.

8. Finally select “Submit for Approval”. We will then review the post, fix any formatting issues and add a featured image to accompany the post before publication. You will receive a notification email when your post has been published.