Your Content is Boring - Follow This Advice for Better Engagement


Your Content is Boring - Follow This Advice for Better Engagement

Blogging is a hard craft to master. Whether you’ve been writing for years or simply trying to boost your business’s success, a blog is a great way to draw in your leads and build up a community around your brand.

However, when trying to build this community, it’s important that users engage with your content, something they’re not going to do if your content is, well, boring. According to statistic, 21% of people confirm that they stopped following pages with boring and repetitive content. You don’t want it to be true with your content, right?

If you’re looking for ways to increase your reader’s traction in your content and boost those all-important engagements rates, here’s some advice you might be interested in.

Mix Up Your Formatting

If you notice your engagement rates dropping or stagnating, it may because your users are getting bored of just reading the written text that you’re posting. If this seems to be the case, try mixing up the sort of content that you’re posting.

For example, try mixing up the graphics that you’re using and use infographics or graphs to draw in your readers. Alternatively, if your budget permits, you can try posting videos. According to recent statistics, video content is interesting to 43% of people, and 51,9% of marketers admitted that video content brings the best results.

Videos are a great way to go since they are considered and proven to be the media format that achieves the highest engagements rate and is a sure-fire to get your users on board and talking about your content.

Note: You always want to make sure that you’re posting in a professional format. For example, even little details such as quotes and references in your content (which can be added using tools like Cite It In) should be added in an easy to read format that makes your content stand out.

Check Your Grammar

This is such an important aspect to consider as it directly affects the readability of your content. Overusing words, sticky sentences, repeated phrases and other style mistakes are the way to a sloppy content. If users are finding it hard to read your content, they’re going to get bored trying and definitely won’t want to engage with it.

Also, the important issue is grammar. According to study and examples made by Alex Birkett, a growth marketer at CXL, even one grammar mistake can cost you all your audience and income. Choose a piece of content on your website and compare it to the grammar guides on blogs such as Academadvisor or Via Writing. How well does your content perform? If poorly, you’ll need to invest some time updating your existing content and perfecting any content that you plan to write in the future.
Also, you may use grammar checkers and proofreading services such as Grammarix or Paperfellows to be sure you provide the most quality content.

Use User Generated Content

Hand in hand with the consideration above, using and sharing user-generated content is a great way to boost your engagement rates dramatically. One of the best ways to do this is by running a competition with a prize for the best picture.

For example, you could ask people to take selfies or photos of your product or service with a prize for the best one. You can get people to enter using your personalised hashtag which is sure to send your engagement rates through the roof.

It’s also very exciting for your users to see their photos being interacted with by an organisation to make sure that you comment and like their photos as they upload them.

Consider the Length of Your Content

The length of your blog posts and articles is more important than you may think. Although you might think that a post of around 400 words is good because it’s easily digestible, not only will this damage your SEO ranking, it will also lower your engagement rates.

When users are reading content online, it’s important that you’re providing them with valuable information that will actually benefit them. According to Bufferapp, readers prefer long content, a 7-minute read. In short, you want to be aiming for around 800 words and above. You can check this using a tool like Easy Word Count. It will take an hour of typing but reader’s engagement will be much higher.

Michelle Taylor, a content writer for Oxessays, continues, “When writing your posts, the best way is to start with the headline which proposes a concept, an idea or a question. Then, throughout your article, aim to answer this question in as much detail as possible, so everybody’s questions are answered.”

Also, there is always a chance to accidentally plagiarise someone’s content from other resources. So it is crucial to check all your writing using Copyscape or Academized plagiarism checkers to be sure your content is unique and can provide good SEO rankings.

Create an Online Community

Social networking is a community. These websites thrive because people love to be a part of something bigger and feel like they’re a valued member of that community. As a part of a community, these people are going to engage with one another, using your content as a base to do so.

With this in mind, why not enhance this experience by actively creating an online community that revolves around your content. This may seem challenging, but there are several things you can do. For example, one of the easiest ways to start this plan in motion is by creating a hashtag to win Instagram, for example.

Mary Corner, a content writer at Big Assignments, continues, “Whether you’re on Instagram or Twitter, creating a personalised business hashtag that your followers can use in their own posts is a great way to boost your engagement rates. Make it informative, make it fun, make it stand out, whatever you want to use is completely up to you.”

Think Outside the Box

The absolute best way to get higher engagement rates on your content is by thinking of something new and original to share with your followers.

For example, Red Bull pushed things to the limit when they performed the longest ever freefall from the edge of space. Alternatively, some people like to buy the latest smartphone and see if they survive from high drops.

These kinds of videos attract millions of views so get really creative when you think what kind of content relates to your industry and how you can blow your user’s minds.


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