Xenergy Relocates International HQ to Galway

Following a successful UK launch, Irish international business management company Xenergie has opened its new international and innovative head office in Kinvara, Co. Galway.

Established by Lorna McDowell in 2001, the company opened its first UK office in Bristol, earlier this year responding to increased market demand and a growing UK clientele.

Xenergie’s new ultra-modern HQ have inspirational quotes scattered throughout the HQ on walls while colourful soft furnishings and bright spaces allow for clarity of thought. The ‘Gathering Space’ has Astroturf on the floor and abstract images of nature are found throughout to help bring an outdoors feel.”

Who/what is it for?

Irish and international business executives as well as top tier management professionals. In it they will host independent group meetings or individual planning sessions while, at the same time, offering an inspiring alternative space to hotel conference rooms for brain storming, business strategy development and team building.

“The new office is getting a great response from both locals and business visitors alike,” said Lorna.  “ The hardest thing for business executives sometimes is to take quality time for reflection amidst all their demands – with our Kinvara facility, we aim to provide a place that shifts frazzled brains into fresh thinking and renewed motivation.

“It’s more difficult to do this in the city but the West of Ireland provides a wealth of natural resources that refresh and inspire.  By locating the space in Kinvara we have the best of both worlds in terms of being accessible from an international airport, while also offering a scenic, quiet location with close proximity to the bustling city of Galway”.

Xenergie enables businesses and organisations to maximise their potential by remaining agile and relevant to today’s business environment, essentially by evolving the way they work.

In what way?

  • with collaboration at the heart of the business
  • helping business leaders adapt mindsets and collaborative processes so they become more proactive and willing to change
  • getting senior management teams and stakeholders to think and learn together
Lorna is firm in her conviction that organisations need to be continually responsive and aware of how to adapt.

She said: “The dilemma posed by today’s market is that most organisational cultures are built to maintain the status quo rather than to courageously break new ground.  The chances are that business as usual is no longer delivering the results most companies expect.  Leaders need to manage their businesses differently and collaboration is at the heart of the issue of most kinds of business improvement.”

Traditional methods of expert strategy consulting or leadership training, she believes, no longer work because they tend to be over-simplistic.

She added: “They ignore the real reason people don’t change.   Our approach at Xenergy is systemic and gets underneath people’s immunity to change.   It is also highly practical, working on the root causes such as real life, often painful issues, that businesses are currently facing while they try to grow or survive.”

Companies Xenergie has worked with in the past include Avierto, Beckman Coulter, Biomedical Research, GE Capital Aviation, Hertz, Merit Medical and SAP. They’ve also helped  University College Dublin and smaller high potential businesses who are trying to scale or export for the first time.

UK and international clients include Coca Cola, Cisco, Corporate Executive Board, Thunderbird Business School (USA) and Telehouse Europe.

For more information see www.Xenergie.com



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Monday, 22 July 2019
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