Working on a Computer All Day? - How to Avoid Computer Eye Strain

Spending all day long in an office has become a routine for most of us… unfortunately. This involves a lot of staring at the computer countless hours, which makes it almost unavoidable for our vision to get compromised at some point. Hours of staring in the monitor may lead to Computer Eye Strain (CVS), something known as computer vision syndrome. Computer Eye Strain affects about 64% to 90% of office workers and is manifested as a feeling of your eyes being strained, tired, red, irritated, itchy and dry. Sometimes objects may appear a bit blurry or even doubled accompanied with neck and shoulder pain. Good news is that CVS won’t cause you permanent eye damage.

If you have felt some (or all of these symptoms) here are ways to put help you put an end to it, or at least try and avoid eye strain in its whole:

Regular check-ups

It is important to have regular eye check-ups even when you don’t feel like you need to change anything. Sometimes the symptoms will ‘lay low’ before they mess your vision up. If, however, you do have the need to see your doctor and have your prescription changed or need a new one in whole, even better. Don’t make using computer even more difficult – have those eyes checked!

Computer position

If you have a desk computer and not a laptop, you need to be mindful of its right position. Namely, you should be facing PC monitor directly and not have it angled any way.  Also, look for the screen to be 4 to 8 inches below your eyes. This way you’ll allow your neck to stay relaxed while you are doing things on your computer.


It is of high importance for the lightning to be properly adjusted. How do you know if lightning is the problem? Well, easily – after looking at the monitor for a while, cup your hands over your eyes. If you feel like your eyes are better, it’s clear you need to do something about the lights in the room you work in. You can also experiment with lamps you’ve got in the room – move them around and point them in different angles to find the most comfortable option for your eyes. Another great thing you can do is install anti-glare filters on the monitor. Sometimes too much glare may be the reason for eye strain and that’s precisely what we want to avoid.


Blinking frequently prevents dry eyes. If you are not a fan of blinking or you simply forget to blink, opting for eye drops is another way to keep your eyes lubricated. These eye drops aren’t harmful in any way nor are they antibiotics. They are a lube that will help with eye dryness. To prevent dryness in eyes you should also avoid looking directly at vents. Also, use a humidifier for the room you spend most of your day in.


You are already familiar with sleep being, basically, the cure for everything – your nervous system regenerates, as does your skin… your eyes rest and you are more ready for your work challenges. So, try to squeeze in a nap in between tasks you’ve got to handle on daily basis. If that’s impossible, then take a 15 minute break every so often, close your eyes and try to tune everything and everyone out. This will bring you peace and your eyes some rest.


If you experience problems with your vision that you feel aren’t benign, you should pay a visit to your eye doctor and see what can be done. Sometimes, a simple solution as eyewear may take away all of your problems. In fact, many who have complained to having experienced compromised vision have decided to go for eyewear that brought wonderful ease to their eyes.

Laser eye surgery

If you feel like none of the above mentioned methods will help with your vision, you should consult your doctor about going a step further and maybe having a laser eye surgery. Nowadays, this type of surgery is perfected to a point where once it’s done, your vision will be absolutely amazing, with no probability of reversing back to your initial eye problems, regardless of the conditions you work in.



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Friday, 19 July 2019
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