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Fifteen years ago, I used to do a lot of ideas generation and future trend workshops. One of the authors I used to quote a lot was Faith Popcorn. See wrote a book in 1992, “The popcorn report”, which was predicting some interesting trends, most of them spot on. One of them was women taking over.

I have always been convinced that women would. I can see it in my daughter Alice. I know about the overwhelming research on how women perform better in schools and in business. They are better entrepreneurs. I can see it from the way they adapt to the new economy and are like fish in water in social media (Twitter and Facebook beat the old boys golf network hands down)

She referred to it again in “Clicking”. Here is a clip you should watch.


In 2012 she describes a trend she calls “She-change”.  Very interesting. The phrase “the weaker sex” has no longer meaning. It is men that find it difficult to cope with the new world. Women control 12 trillion spending power (66% of the overall consumer spending).

You can imagine my surprise that when I started doing research again fin Ireland or a new initiative around women in business, I found women complaining about the old boys network, sexism in the workplace and the biggest bug bear; childcare. The responsibility appears to be with the female and Irish man taking a very hands-off role.

Either Ireland is behind the trends and women entrepreneurs do need help, or it is time to give Irish men a big wake up call. You will be left behind……

Prediction; soon there will be special support programmes for male entrepreneurs and women entrepreneurs and senior executives will be the norm. Which is why I worry about my son Luca. Tough times ahead.

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Friday, 15 November 2019
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