Why Your Small Business Needs a Blog

The number of small businesses that don’t blog is often quite astounding. If we had a penny for every time clients and potential clients told us that they ‘don’t have time to blog’, or ‘nobody will read it’, we’d be slightly better off. In this post we outline some of the reasons why your small business needs a blog.

Every business can benefit from a blog – small, medium or large and even though the level of investment you can put into your blog can vary, blogging is a must. If you don’t believe us take a look at the fundamental benefits of blogging as a small business.

Respect and Authority

Why do university professors create new papers? To gain authority and respect in their niche – this is the exact reason that businesses need to blog. Even though a blog is quite informal, it still allows a business the chance to showcase their message, integrity and also become thought leaders in their field. It’s a soapbox companies can use to showcase their talents and get the respect of their peers and the notice of their customers according to web designers in Dubai Prototype Interactive.


Blogs engage people and the more authority and respect you get, the more people you will likely engage. Clients, customers and industry thinkers and peers will only be too delighted to read, comment, share, like and offer their two cents on your blog posts and content if they are interested. The great thing is that comments create more comments and in time and with a lot of effort your site can be one of the foremost for dialogue in your industry. This means more visitors, more publicity and more leads.

The SEO Benefits

Each and every blog you write has an SEO benefit. One long tail keyword may not gather a large amount of traffic alone, however thousands will. The more blogs your create, the more long tail keywords you create and in turn the more chance you have of someone finding your content in the SERPs. Using tools such as Hittail helps you find these long tail keywords and you can then create content that includes them.


The other SEO benefit of a blog is that it acts as link bait. If your blog or the thoughts put forward in it are considered to be interesting, then you may be linked to by other sites. Quality blog posts that get people’s attention; have a lot more chance of being linked to than the product you sell. Interesting blogs that don’t have a corporate focus are highly likely to be linked to once they’re promoted correctly and as we all know links help site rankings. Working along side a good link building service it can be very effective for driving traffic.

Fresh Sites

Google likes to see new content and if you constantly update, it will crawl your site more often. Generally speaking, the more frequently a site is updated the more it is crawled, and according to some businesses these sites tend to have more authority in search engines.

A Voice

Blogs are less serious than a lot of other means of presenting content and so they help brands to humanise themselves. This allows people to get a better understanding of what your company, culture and its products are about. It’s a more informal take and people like that.

Blogs are a necessity for any small business looking to improve its position online and these are just six of the benefits of putting some effort into one.



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Monday, 22 July 2019
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