Why You Should Have Core Values For Your Business


Core values educate employees, clients, potential customers and even other companies. This ensures that everyone has a clear picture as to what the company is about. It also ensures that the company’s identity is defined. For those in the highly competitive industries, this gives them added advantage. Here are some reasons why you should have core values for your business:

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Cadence is the backbone of every company. Everyone from the employees to vendors understand what you stand for based on what they see you do time and time again. In other words, this is the energy of the business where people draw on in order to power the business. A business should always ensure that everyone follows the cadence for maximum results. 

Core values guide and support in decision making

Once in awhile, the cause of action to be taken isn’t always clear. By following the company’s core values, employees or the business owner are able to make the best decision when it comes to some issues.

It guides behaviour, for example, if you want everyone in the company to become better leaders to their staff, then having core values that are in place and reinforcing it with your actions can help.

It may also be handy when an employee needs some guidance on how to react to something done or said by a colleague. 

Strategies that follow the company’s core values can become part of your company's success.

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Core values can be used as recruitment and retention tools

Job seekers nowadays study the company they want to apply in order to have a better understanding of their core values. As well as ensuring that they are better prepared for the interview, it's also giving them a sense of the type of employer the company is.

Motivating employees can be easier when you have clear core values about who we are and why we do things. 

Core values can also be effective retention tools, employees are more likely to stick around if their beliefs are in line with the core values. Likewise, any employee who doesn’t follow or improve on the company’s cadence is more obvious. Steps can then be taken if required.

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Core values ensure more collaboration 

Without a common purpose, egos may dominate leading to poor work or deadlines being missed. With a clear purpose, employees come together as a team to work towards a common goal.

Having core values can lead to better wellbeing and even innovation

The wellbeing of a person may also improve with a better working place which holds good strong values. Science has proven that deeply held core values in a company can reduce stress in its employees. This is due to the fact that energy shifts in the brain from the emotional center to the prefrontal cortex responsible for calm, rational thinking. This directs mental energy to more creative thinking, which can lead to innovation.



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Friday, 15 November 2019
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