Why Small Businesses Should Choose a Logo Maker over Custom Logo Designers

A brand’s logo is its identification. Majority of the consumers get familiar with the logo of a brand before its name because shoppers rely on their visual instincts when picking up a product from the shelf. With so many logo fails in the industry, (remember the London 2012 logo design and the criticism it received?) businesses have grown more cautious and attentive while choosing their logo design.

There is a debate going on whether to hire a professional graphic designer to design a custom logo or to design one yourself. I say choose a logo maker software to design your own. Majority of the people might disagree with me on this and argue that by designing your own logo you can’t look professional. Who says you can’t? The objective of looking professional is to gain trust of your consumers. And you are the best person to do that.

The Risk Factor

Shelling out big bucks to logo designers doesn’t guarantee that you’ll end up with an amazing custom designed logo for your business.  So why take the risk eh?  If you are really dedicated to your company and serious to enhance branding then a smart option is to design and create your very own logo by yourself!

I have come across a lot of crappy logos of small businesses and even big ones who made the logo themselves. Don’t let that discourage you though. Did you know that Google’s co-founder designed its logo so it cost the company nothing! And we all know about the positive response it has received. This proves you can design your own logo with the help of so many logo design tutorials available online.

Explore Your Creativity

Discover your creative side by playing with colors, font sizes and designs until you settle on the perfect one for your company. Now graphic designers criticize this and say that you can’t create a logo for your company but who knows better than you what message you want to communicate with your company’s logo?  There are many softwares online (both free and paid) to design a custom logo like DesignMantic, Logosnap and The Logo Creator.

More Options

By using a logo creator you have a wide array of artwork to choose from. You can make multiple logos and keep on editing them until you are satisfied with the outcome. When you hire a designer you don’t get to experiment with different colors and fonts to get just what you were looking for.

Ask For Opinions

By using online softwares like DesignMantic , you can design a logo and send it your friends or potential consumers to vote on the design they like best. That’ll save the problem of gaining an outsider’s perspective.

Even if you don’t have graphic designing skills you can create the right logo for your company by using a logo maker! It is that simple J



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Friday, 19 July 2019
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