Why Quality Control is Essential for Small Businesses


While poor or inconsistent quality with their products and services is a concern that no business can afford to discount, problems with quality assurance can be especially serious for new ventures that are struggling to establish themselves or that may be seeking to create the right brand, image or reputation. Quality control and quality assurance (QC/QA) resources and solutions may prove to be a valuable asset for smaller organizations. Finding ways to streamline workflow or simplify operations can eliminate many of the issues that may be holding businesses back as they seek to transform themselves in a more efficient organization.

Effective Communication

Impaired communication between professionals and even whole departments is a leading cause of inefficient operation. The waste, duplication of efforts and lost productivity that may stem from poor communication could be costing businesses a great deal more than they might realize. Providing employees with skills training, access to a greater range of communication tools and resources or addressing and resolving any issues that may currently be eroding the quality and consistency of their communication within the workplace can eliminate many issues. When it comes to QC/QA solutions, addressing and improving communication is often the first and one of the important steps that businesses can take.

Examining Existing Processes

Any workflow or operational process that is unable to supply consistent high-quality results is a potential liability. Taking stock of their operation and assessing both the effectiveness of current methods and the potential for improvement that may exist can turn up several valuable opportunities for positive change. Even relatively new businesses can make the mistake of assuming that existing workflow processes and methods of operation that were effective in the past will continue to be sufficient despite changing situations and evolving circumstances. A thorough, comprehensive and detailed examination of all existing workflow processes that may be contributing to quality control issues is essential for ensuring efforts to address the situation are able to be effective.

Implementing Improvements

Once a series of improvements or a quality management system has been decided upon, it will be time for implementation. Workers who are used to doing things a certain way and infrastructure that may not be equipped to handle any planned changes or upgrades can lead to many unexpected complications. Business owners would do well to take a more patient and long-term approach to their quality improvement efforts. QC/QA is an going process, one that will always require additional time and effort in order to fine tune. Rushing into improvements or making changes too rapidly often proves to be a costly mistake.

Assessing the Results

Failing to take stock of the potential impact that changes may have once they have been implemented could leave business owners missing out on the opportunity to make the most of their efforts. Performing periodic inspections and assessments in order to determine if quality improvement efforts have been effective or had the desired impact is always a smart move. Software resources and digital systems that help automate the process make it easier than ever to ensure that businesses are able to operate a peak levels of efficiency. Automated report generation and systems that make it simpler to curate and generate vital information are not assets that should go overlooked.

Creating a More Flexible and Streamlined Business

Flexibility and agility are prized qualities within the world of business. Creating or implementing the right QC/QA plan can allow businesses to more easily and effectively deal with any ongoing problems or to address those that may be lurking just over the horizon with far greater success. Relying on a workflow process that may be far from efficient or dealing with a business plan or operational modality that may prove to be far from effective is a misstep that has caused even the most promising new ventures and startups to fail due to problems that could have been easily resolved given the right insight and resources.


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Saturday, 16 November 2019
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