Why Is It So Important to Rate Your Business Leads?


Business leads are a fantastic resource for any business. However, there’s a lot that goes into making use of business leads effectively.

 Without thinking of the best way to categorise and utilise your business leads, your marketing efforts may become harder to manage effectively, and you’ll be wasting time and effort contacting the wrong people. Using the right lead management platform, such as FLG360, can be a great way to improve the way you use business leads.

Rating and scoring your leads is also especially important to ensure you’re targeting the right people, and there are many ways that you can rate them. But why is it that rating business leads is so important?

Focusing on the right locations

Geographic location in especially important to track if you’re making use of a pre-purchased existing database. While they may include a wide range of contacts and leads that you can use, there’s no strict guarantee that all of them will be close enough for you to realistically offer your services to them.

This is why it’s important to rate leads based on location. That way, you can focus your efforts more on businesses that may actually respond well to your marketing.

For example, perhaps businesses within 5 miles get 5 points, businesses within 10 miles get 2 points, and businesses further than that receive 0 points. Of course, the exact specifics and boundaries that you choose to create and score will vary depending on personal preference and your industry. Sit down with your marketing team to discuss how best you should rate leads as a business.

Are your leads relevant to your industry?

While location is certainly a key factor, direct relevance to your industry is also important to consider. Are you sure that you’re focussing your marketing efforts only on businesses who could actually make use of your service, let alone stand to benefit from them?

For example, if you’re a catering firm, then it makes sense to focus your efforts on leads that could stand to benefit from your services in some way, such as an events organising company.

Without making sure that you’re focussing on the leads that might actually consider converting, you might drastically inflate the costs of your marketing efforts and waste time, money and effort on unsustainable leads.

How much authority do your leads carry?

Another important aspect to consider is whether the people you’re contacting are in a position to action a change within their company, with the intended aim of opening a dialogue with your business and hopefully securing your services.

For example, while contacting people at a sales associate level is helpful for raising awareness of your brand within the industry, what, within reason, will they do with that knowledge? They’re not at a level within their business where they could make the decision to hire your business.

Instead, try to focus more on senior management, upper-level bosses, and company directors. If you contact these kinds of people with high-quality, well-written and well-presented marketing materials, you’re far more likely to make a long-lasting impression that will lead to your business taking on more and more productive clients.

By following these steps and rating your business leads with a few key factors in mind, you’re sure to make your marketing efforts far more efficient and effective in the long term.



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Friday, 23 August 2019
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