Why E-commerce is Thriving in 2018


The online world has always given the high-street worthy competition but in recent years, E-commerce has only got bigger. Some of the biggest high street chains are struggling to compete with online retailers and here’s a look at why e-commerce is thriving in 2018.


Paid Advertising

Using Google, Facebook and Retargeting tactics have never been easier for e-commerce stores to advertise their offers. It’s a form of advertising that is proven to work through statistics, the website can choose the target audience who sees the ad and see how effective the adverts are, to the point that they can see how many people have ordered through each ad and how many people viewed the site and the number of pages they viewed. If you run a mens gymwear brand, for example, you can select a male audience, between a certain age range who have ordered from other gymwear sites and the select advertising platform will create an algorithm so only relevant people see the ad, making it much more effective.

It’s a much more effective way of advertising compared to the expense of billboards and TV adverts where true numbers can’t be worked out on how effective each ad was.



Whilst the high-street has much higher overheads to manage such as property rent, transport and staffing, e-commerce has much less to worry about. Whilst a warehouse is normally necessary for a successful business it isn’t a costly overhead as the location can be chosen on affordability rather than where the market dictates. With this in mind, online stores have lower costs meaning their prices can be lower to tempt shoppers to order rather than wonder the high-street.



With countless pages to browse online, any e-commerce store can offer limitless amounts of products which should naturally cater for the majority of their viewers. Although retailers can offer a large variety of products in a store, the choice will always be larger online whether it’s the variety of sizes or styles.



With the additional profit that comes with running an e-commerce site, a lot of websites have been offering reward schemes to loyal customers. Ordering with your favourites sites can return, discounts, gifts and money off vouchers which in turn, keeps their customer order from themselves and avoiding other sites and the high-street.


In conclusion, e-commerce is thriving due to several reasons, even for new brands, it’s the obvious choice to help break into the market. With lower overheads and easier ways to target your market e-commerce is a much lower risk option for most start-ups and the current choice shoppers to start with. Some will browse online and shop instore and vice versa, but the ease of online browsing at any time just makes ordering online much more likely in 2018.


Author Bio: Richard Meadow is a freelance writer that has a focus on fitness clothing the operation of e-commerce businesses and how they can be enhanced. He also enjoys researching and writing about health/ sports and how they can benefit everyone in day to day life.



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Wednesday, 24 July 2019
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