Why Cloud Scalability Matters More Than Ever


Scalability is one of the least discussed but most important features of the cloud. Users have either never had to scale up quickly and boundlessly; or they have taken the simplicity and flexibility of cloud scalability for granted. Either way, one of the cloud's crucial components is often overlooked or misunderstood.

That needs to change because scalability is an issue that all businesses will contend with moving forward. Those that are able to evolve with ease will find it much easier to engineer and sustain success. Those that bristle against the boundaries of their IT will suffer a lot of unnecessary setbacks. To underscore this duality, learn why cloud scalability matters more than ever:

Data is the Fuel of the Future

Data is transforming every business process regardless of how large or small it is. And as our ability to identify, store, track, analyze, and distribute data grows, so will the volume of data in play. Existing IT will quickly be overwhelmed, and it if can't scale quickly and precisely a lot of valuable data (and the insights within) will be lost. The cloud empowers enterprises to embrace a data-driven strategy without worrying about gaps or limits.

Growth Follows Peaks and Valleys

Depending on the industry in which you operate, growth can appear overnight at stratospheric levels. And even if your industry is immune to trends it's often difficult to predict when, how, and to what extent growth will appear. Something like cloud based ERP allows companies to scale their resources upwards without having to pay exorbitant fees or scramble to integrate more hardware. Similarly, if demand suddenly slows it’s possible to scale down just as fluidly and avoid paying for unnecessary IT resources.

Adaptability Is Crucial for Success

The only word to describe today's business climate is ‘dynamic.’ The pace of change, the number of unknowns, and the depth of the competition all combine to make doing business both exciting and uncertain. What is clear is that companies cannot coast on reputation alone and hope to survive challenges from upstarts. Adapting to new challenges and innovating new opportunities is a priority for all. Scalability lays the foundation that is required for change.

Tech Success Is Paramount

If you look at a number of high-profile business failures from recent years, technology is often a culprit. A buggy website leads to poor sales; A data breach damages the image of a brand; A tech-averse company loses its edge. Technology is essential for success no matter what size a business is or what industry it occupies. Scalability does not ensure business have the right technology. But it does ensure businesses have enough technology.



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Tuesday, 24 September 2019
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