Which Industries Are Creating The Most Jobs In The UK?


With the amount of self-servicing machines you see in most stores these days, it might feel as though the machines are taking over a bit. So it might be nice to know that while some industries are in the decline, overall industry in the UK has grown in general. But which industries are creating the most jobs? Well here are 5 industries that are creating a large proportion of the jobs in the UK today:

1) Information technology

IT professionalism is one of the fastest currently growing areas of work in the UK. In fact, graduates with strong Java knowledge and 2-3 years of experiences can demands annual salaries of £35,000 a year. However, if you’re looking in to going into web design, you  can expect even more with an average salary of £39,141 per year. There were also 105,760 jobs in the IT sector in February 2015 and this number can only have grown as the industry expands outwards. So it seems as though there will still be plenty of vacancies left in this job sector for many years to come.  

2) Healthcare vacancies

There are around 2211 jobs currently available under the healthcare consultancy section of the UK government’s occupational shortage list. These jobs then range from anything in the speciality category such as consultants in clinical neurophysiology to consultants of forensic psychiatry. Moreover, there are also 3211 vacancies in nursing, 2442 vacancies in social work, and 2211 jobs available as a medical practitioners too.

3) Real estate

In the UK a lot of jobs have already been taken, as there are 32 million people currently employed, which is the highest amount of people employed than there has ever been throughout history. And out of all these potential jobs, real estate offers the most vacancies currently available in the UK. Thus, whereas most jobs have seen an average increase in industrial job-creating growth by 28%, the real estate industry has grown by a massive 142%.

4) Science and technology

One of the top five job producers in the UK, as categorized by ONS, the amount of vacancies in the science and technology sectors have recently grown by 130%. In fact, science and technology is the second biggest job producer in the UK after real estate. And with new technologies under development every year, the science and technology industry is showing no sign of instability. It would therefore be a sound investment if you were to get a job within this industry, as there will always be new technologies in development.

5) Artificial intelligence (a.i.) industry

The UK government has filed a report summary of all the potential benefit that working in the AI industry could bring to the UK. To which the government then estimates that AI could bring £630 billion to the UK economy by 2035 which could really help to reduce the national deficit and could therefore really benefit the government’s fiscal policies. In fact, the government is even proposing that masters degrees be rolled out to encourage people to go into the AI sector. Moreover, there will also be a nation Alan Turing Institute dedicated to the education, management and the funding of any current AI projects. So AI is also showing a lot of promise in becoming a leading occupational producer in the future of the job market.



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Monday, 21 October 2019
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