When is it Time to Move out of Your Home Office?

You may not think that your business is ready to move out of your house office, but why would you ever want to leave the comfort of your home? The answer to that question is your business is just like a kid, you can nurture it and and raise it from your home, but you will never be able to fully grow it without taking it out of your home office and into the real business world. So when is the right time to move out of your home office and into the big, bad world?

Customers surveyed from all over the world have declared more than once how much it matters to them to be able to visit a business just once before deciding to do business with them. Having a business office can get you on the road to dedicating full days at hour without any interruptions. Free conference call is one thing, but being present is a whole other.

Believe it or not, no matter how dedicated and organized you are, you waste a whole lot of time when you work from home. You may need to eat a meal here and there, or you might need to go stop by somewhere real fast. The thing is about home offices, they are at home, and home is where your mind is designed to be at its most comfortable. If you just started a business and still don't know how it's going to go, then you should stay at home and work from there. But if you are getting customer emails and inquiries a lot, and you have income coming in from your business, it is definitely the time for you to take your office outside your home and into a new location.

Here are the benefits of operating your business out of your home. Until you know you can handle all these expenses without going under, stay in your home office:

  • Gas Money - The amount of money saved on driving back and forth from work will ensure that you aren't adding any expenses to your business.
  • Saves Time - If you are still overwhelmed with work, the worst thing you can do is waste any time on driving to and from work, and that's not to mention the amount of traffic that you will deal with on a regular basis just to get to work.
  • Office Space - Moving to a new office will cost a lot of money every month.
  • Utilities - Electricity, Water, and Gas is a must in every office regardless of the need for them.
  • Office Furniture - Desks, Chairs, etc.
There are a lot of expenses associated with moving out of your home office and into a real office. Unless your business is doing really good and you are ready for a huge transition, moving to an office may not be such a good idea. The office space itself is going to cost the business a fortune to run properly. After installing AC's and all the furniture, there has to be a staff which is going to be a whole new ball field in the business life. The worst thing a business could do is move too fast and rush into anything before it's prepared.

Here is how you could tell when its time to move your small business out of your home office:

Hiring Employees

If you want the business to grow then you need to hire employees. Some businesses start their expansions by hiring employees to also work from home, but eventually when you need to branch out your business and start growing, move out to an office and hire employees to work full time shifts from there.

Accomplish More Work

If you can't get any work at home and you need to get more work done to catch up to your business, then it's time to move to an office. If watching TV is a problem then you need to go somewhere there is no TV. Moving your work away from any distractions increases your productivity by at least double the amount.

Increase Your Profits

If your business is successful, then you need a place for your customers to visit you for your services. Make sure you are visible and available to your customers. A growing business is only as big as its customer base, and the only way to attract customers is to have a place for them to visit you in. Just by opening an office and hosting a grand opening, a huge increase in your business is going to happen.

Grow Your Business Inside Out

Having a business can put an individual through a lot, and it is nice to be able to work on growing your business while you are surrounded with people who are working for the same objective. Having employees working for you will motivate you to grow your business from every angle.



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Saturday, 20 July 2019
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