What To Expect When Applying or Working for a Small Business

Small businesses provide young career professionals with an excellent opportunity for growth, and experienced veterans with unparalleled leadership potential.

A sole proprietorship, corporation or partnership qualifies as a small business based on the average number of employees in the past year and average of annual receipts over the past three years. These little commercial dynamos are the backbone of the U.S. economy, providing jobs for 8 million American employees. If you want to be or are one of those 8 million, you can have large expectations of small businesses.

Personal Application Process

Supposedly, the internet and technology have streamlined the job-hunting process. This may be true for the jobholders and not the job seekers. Large corporations and institutions use HR programs to scan for resume keywords, create multi-page online applications and even request "self-interview" webcam videos. All this may leave job applicants feeling alienated and overwhelmed before they start.

It is refreshing to see a simple "We Are Hiring" sign posted on the door of a local shop or favorite community business. Few employers will sit down to talk with potential employees who call or walk in to fill out an application in person. Larger small businesses may use popular online hiring platforms, but welcome applicants to email resumes directly to hiring managers.

Use this rare chance at personal contact to make a powerful, friendly first impression. It is a golden opportunity to share great ideas and show sincere interest in the company.

Intimate Onboarding

Larger businesses often shunt new employees from different regions and locations into one general training place and period. These new staff may never work together or see each other again. Some major companies sequester new employees during the onboarding process, so distinct cohorts develop in this model and make the workplace feel like a high school.

When small businesses hire, their needs are often urgent. You may begin training at home and online with others through an elearning company, a budget-friendly method to introduce new team members and get to know each other in a small online setting. A small HR department or lone HR staff member helps new employees complete paperwork, receive critical materials and get to know their departments. From there, the actual team members new employees work with start your on-the-job training on real projects and assignments.

Cloud-Based Office

By eliminating the need for some essentials and performing functions people once did, the web has helped small businesses compete. Small businesses can find it difficult to maintain full-time IT staff and large data servers. Full-time, in-house employees work as a team alongside home-based freelancers and contractors. A cloud-based office connects all of a small business's human resources together into a unified online office system.

Prepare to meet with the team often in video conferences, conference calls and online chat-rooms. Learn how to update group calendars and edit shared group documents in the online office platform or suite. Expect new company training to take place online via webcam and elearning tools.

High Room for Growth

Small businesses are excellent opportunities for young professionals to assume enormous responsibilities and launch big careers. Unlike past generations, millennials are no longer investing their entire career lifespan in one company, CNN Money reports today's workers will switch jobs four times by age 32.

Small businesses need passionate employees who can work beyond their skill range and fields, and managers or directors who can handle smaller budgets and fewer resources. They may be more willing than a brand name company to take a shot on a rookie for a big role. If you have the chance to lead at a small business, seize the opportunity to make change you can feel proud of and make your mark for.

Many Career-Changers

Global, brand name companies often recruit new graduates directly from colleges, universities and professional degree programs. Large institutions use search firms to fill highly-specialized roles for proven professionals. For workers who become burned out in a career, a change of direction often leads them to a small business.

Expect small businesses to house many career-changers valued for their experience and leadership qualities. Small business owners appreciate a mid-career professional's experience and readiness to dive right into their duties. The combination of new and experienced professionals is an environment where all employees can teach and learn.

Small businesses keep the American workforce vibrant. Expect to be supported, challenged and impacting when you apply to to or work for a small business today.


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Tuesday, 23 July 2019
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