What Should Your Company Brochure Look Like?

Booklets and brochures are one of the most popular printed media tools used by companies today. This is because they send out a very strong message to the targeted audience. They speak about the professionalism of the company, its orientation towards high quality products and of course, the desire to express themselves differently from their targeted audience. So, if you are planning to create a company brochure for your brand what should you be looking for?

The profile of the company

This is a very important aspect that should be taken into consideration. The profile of the company dictates everything: from the style of the brochure, to the formal or informal approach or even the materials from which the brochures are made of. Let’s say that we are a clothing company and we want to come up with a catalogue designed for the new collection. If we want to stand out among all of the other brands that create catalogues and brochures, we need to be different. How about creating a brochure that is made out of texture? Or how about dressing up the catalogue with gloves and a hat in the autumn season?

These are just some ideas to get you to think about the possibilities. In the situation highlighted above, the profile of the company dictated the way the communication should have been done.

The budget

Of course this is another aspect that will greatly influence the decision of the company. There are many brands who choose to print their brochures or booklets on poor quality paper because it is cheaper. The idea here is to send out a message that you value your company, your brand and your customers. Investing in high quality materials talks about the fact that you are delivering high quality services.

The type of the brochure

As many other printed media, there are many types of brochures that can be purchased and delivered to a certain type of people. Some companies choose the smaller ones because they are cheaper, they look simple and send out a clear message. There are others that choose the A4 Brochure Printing by Print-Print.co.uk, for example, because they want their brand to stand out. Of course, the images and the text will look better on a bigger piece of paper but this is something that will cost as well.

The design

This is another important issue that should be highlighted here. Design is very complicated because it has to obey certain rules in order to reach the desired targeted audience. It needs to be specific and concise, it needs to state a simple message and more importantly, it needs to be understandable.

Many companies make this mistake when it comes to the brochures or other materials they create. They have the tendency to complicate themselves in small details and forget about the big picture. Of course, the small details make all the difference in the world, but if a message is complicated, the target audience might not understand it.

To conclude, printed media is a solution and there are many viable channels to go with.



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Saturday, 20 July 2019
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