What Online Shoppers Want

It takes more than setting up a website to develop a quality online presence. If you are thinking of taking your brand online, you need to understand the way a customer shopping online thinks. Buying from a shop in the street and taking the product home, is very different from looking at a picture of a product and deciding to order it online. The conventional face to face sale has certain elements that need to be adapted to the online environment in order for online sales to become as attractive as shopping in the real world. In this post we look at what online shoppers want and what can you do to increase your customer’s willingness.

Online Shoppers Prefer Brands with Prompt Customer Care

Having a good customer care network in place is necessary for any company which hopes to develop good customer relationship management. The same principle holds true for online shopping websites. In a recent study it was found that most online customers will be more likely to buy from a website where they can either speak to a company representative immediately or set up a schedule for a call back from the company. Most customers have queries about shopping online, about delivery schedules and even product details that only a person qualified to answer on behalf of the company can solve. Unless the company is able to answer these queries, the sale is not going to go through.

Answer those questions and push your online sales figure up

The faster you can solve the query that comes from the customer, the better sales you will have. In order to answer these queries it is desirable for the company website to offer various options to the customer. One such option is “live web chat”, where the customer can type out queries and be answered by a customer care professional. Another option is the “query form” that a customer can fill out and have a company representative get back to them via email or telephone, depending on which mode of communication the customer prefers. The company helpline number should also be prominently displayed on the website in case the customer wants to call up the company.

Offer “Cash on Delivery “as a Payment Option

There are a number of scams coming to light on the internet involving the use of financial details given by a person online. While security of most websites dealing in sales has been beefed up, it is not always safe and fool proof. Most people are still apprehensive of giving up banking details or credit card numbers online. This is where the “cash on delivery” option can be a boon to an online shopper. There is minimal risk to the customer as the product needs to be delivered to the doorstep first. The payment is made after the physical product is in the hands of the customer. This payment method does offer a small risk to the company as at times, the customer may return the product without making payment. However the advantage in this case may be worth taking that risk.

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Friday, 19 July 2019
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