What is it Like to Win the Business Achievers Awards - Helen Arnold, TVM

We talk to four former winners of the Ulster Bank Business Achievers Awards to learn more about how winning the award has impacted on their businesses.

In this post we speak to Helen Arnold of TVM.

Best Woman Led Business Award, 2014 - Helen Arnold – TVM.

TVM is a leading outside broadcasting facilities provider based in Fermoy, Co. Cork. Using the most advanced technology and highly skilled personnel, TVM enables programme makers to consistently deliver top quality programmes. Its main customers are Sky, BBC, TG4, Setanta Ireland, RTÉ, TV3, and various production houses. Established in 1986, the company is led by Helen Arnold and has 50 employees.

What was your start-up day? 1986

What motivates you? I love a challenge and get great satisfaction from finding solutions – from logistics, personnel and technical standpoints.

Helen Arnold, TVM, www.tvm.ie Helen Arnold, TVM


What keeps you up at night? Very little … pressure is for tyres.

What’s been the most challenging for you? Balancing life and work. I love what I do, get great enjoyment from it and my family all work in the business – so getting away from it after hours is a bit tricky.

And the most rewarding? I’m a glass half-full person - I love solving issues. But the best buzz is finding a solution to a client’s requirement.

What is one mistake you’ve made, and what did you learn from it? After a few years in business we had an opportunity to diversify into a completely different business and we went for it, but hadn’t researched it enough and it ended up costing us a lot of time and money and ultimately we had to sell it on.

Lesson: Know what you’re good at, develop it and don’t run off blindly in another direction without very good reason.

What are some of the characteristics of people that have been successful at your company? Our line of business is all about team work and getting along with people and from an operational point of view – thinking outside the box to find solutions (technical). So lateral thinkers with good people skills.

What are you most excited about for the future? Planning the next stage of development of our company. We are currently looking at succession and knowledge

What doors has winning the Ulster Bank Business Achievers Awards opened for you? Winning the award grew the profile of the company locally and nationally.

What was the biggest benefit for you winning this award? This greatly helped with recruiting.



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Tuesday, 23 July 2019
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