What is international SMS marketing and can any business use this service?

Many businesses are embracing the power of SMS marketing and are beginning to bring it into their main marketing campaigns. It is being widely used as a valid way to get in touch with customers and even increase the numbers of customers spending money with the company. Of course, when you have a great campaign, you might be interested in opening it up to a wider circle of customers, even going as far as to get in touch with customers in other countries.

Start of success

If you are familiar with SMS marketing already, you may have been reaping the benefits of it. You can easily get in touch with your customers, give them your key message and then wait for them to come to you and spend money. If it's working like this for your business, then you can rest assured that your campaign is working as it should do.

So what happens if you want to take your business international? Obviously, this is a big step for any company and it takes time and money to achieve it. Once you've managed to get the business up and running overseas, you may be wondering how on earth you're going to manage your marketing campaign and what SMS marketing providers are available to help. Surely it can't be as simple as just expanding your address book to include your international customers?

Business needs

It is certainly possible that you can create an international SMS marketing campaign but it might not be the easiest marketing campaign to get off the ground. Of course, you might not even be thinking on such a large scale, but just want to reach your existing customers when they are on holiday.

When the customers you have that are based in the UK travel abroad, there is a risk that they won't receive your marketing messages. For customers that frequently travel, this can be an issue but it can also be easily solved. You need to assess whether it is viable for your business to have an international SMS marketing campaign. If you don't have any dealings with any businesses or customers abroad, you may find that this isn't right for you.

Going international

You have a few choices when it comes to sorting out your international text marketing campaign. If you only want to reach your UK based customers, it may be beneficial for you to get in touch with a specialist text marketing company that has the capabilities to send the odd message abroad.

If you are planning to reach a large number of customers who live abroad, it might well be worth you getting in touch with a company that is actually based in the country you wish to deal with. This can make things easier in terms of scheduling the time differences so that the messages go out at a logical time. If you are sending messages to customers in America from the UK, you could find that they wake your customers up in the middle of the night. This could be irritating enough for your customers that they want to unsubscribe from the service.

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