What Drives Employee Engagement?

Many things can make a company successful whether it is good products, efficient customer service, effective and modern technologies or cost effective methods. Yet all of these things become redundant if they are handled by a disengaged workforce. Studies prove that companies with engaged and motivated employees highly outperform those who are not. So how can a company engage their workforce and improve their overall performance? Here are a few factors that can help drive employee engagement...

What Drives Employee Engagement?

Firstly, what influences employee engagement? There are 3 factors that are generally accepted as key to engaging workers:

1. The relationship between employee and their immediate supervisor

Never underestimate the importance of a good relationship between an employee and their employer. Creating a professional yet compassionate atmosphere lets employees feel supported and cared about and therefore engaged with their work. Supervisors can improve their working bond with workers by simply becoming more interactive and creating a more people centred working environment. Engaged workers create a more organised and motivated company that lead to more engaged customers and therefore an increase in profit and sales.

2. Faith and confidence in senior management

Trust in a company is vital for engagement; employees need to trust that their management have their best interests and the interests of the company at heart. The way the supervisor acts and asserts themselves can have a great impact on the atmosphere of the working environment and the attitude of their employees. Engagement from the workers comes from believing in the ability of the management as well as open communication and input that will lead the company in the right direction.

3. Loyalty and happiness towards the company

These days, loyalty and engagement have never been more important for a company wanting to achieve a competitive advantage and succeed. No longer will a fresh faced worker want to stay with a company until they retire, and with the costs of recruiting draining much needed funds, it is up to the employer to engage their employee and satisfy their needs enough for them to want to stay with the company.

Employees should be considered the greatest asset within the company even compared to your products and methods. Far too many organisations these days take their workers for granted, viewing them as possessions rather than as innovative individuals. Driving up employee engagement begins with open and honest communication among the workers and their employers, leading to a constructive and efficient working environment.

By creating a clear career path for employees and setting prospective goals that could lead to growth, an employer has the ability to create a high level of respect with the workers within the company. An employee who feels valued and respected and is recognised and rewarded for their hard work by the immediate supervisor can evolve to become an ‘involved employee’. As a result, it becomes much easier to mould that feeling of involvement into pride and company loyalty that leads to high amounts of engagement with workers.

Written by the team at Name Badges International: Producers of professionalised name badges.



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Wednesday, 17 July 2019
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