What Can Pay Per Click Advertising Do For Small Business?

Pay per click advertising has long been a popular way for small companies to maximise their on-line presence, and as a way of boosting revenue and profits. It is a type of advertising that can be seen as low risk, because you only pay out any money when someone shows a positive interest in your ad and clicks on it.

Also referred to as sponsored links, pay per click advertising involves bidding on keywords or search phrases on search engine pages. You have to utilise keywords or phrases that are related to what you offer, and you then bid for the placement of those keywords or phrases against other similar companies. If you outbid every other company for a specific search term, then your ad will appear in the most prominent position.

A Way To Build Up Interest In What You Have To Offer

You can use pay per click advertising to promote your business in a wide number of ways. You can use it to create interest in your website, for instance. This is a good idea if you have just launched a new site, and you want to get visitors to your site quickly. Building up traffic, and consequently a client base, can take time, and pay per click advertising is one way that can speed up the process.

You can also use pay per click advertising to attract interest in a particular product or service. But, if you choose this option, then any link on an ad should lead directly to information on the specific product or service, and not to the website's homepage. It's important to make sure that your ad turns out to be relevant to what you are advertising, and doesn't make people feel that they've been misled after they've clicked on your ad.

If you do use this type of advertising to draw people to your website as a whole then this can be cost effective, too. This is because a visitor to your site will be able to view all your latest products - without you needing to advertise them individually. As well as driving traffic to a website, pay per click advertising can be used to promote things that can contain news of your products or services - such as a newsletter or a magazine. Consequently, pay per click advertising can also be used as a way of encouraging people to subscribe to these.

Identifying What Will Bring About The Best Results

It makes sense to try and place your pay per click ad through the major search engines, as this will give you a wider reach. You can, however, choose to have your advert available to view by people that are only from certain locations - which is ideal for a small, local company. Though if you want to attract people from your area, then don't use vague terms, and don't forget to include the name of your area in any ad.

When creating an advert ensure that it will be something that will grab people's attention. One way of doing this is, when you start the ad creation process, is to and try and think like a prospective customer. You shouldn't rush to put your ad up either. Though there can be a certain degree of trial and error about pay per click advertising, the more time you take in getting everything right the better the chances of favourable results. Getting the wording on your ad just a little bit wrong can end up being a missed opportunity.

Work out how much you are prepared to pay on your advertising campaign. Too little and you may not get much of a response, while you should be careful not to spend more than you can realistically afford. Clicks won't always result in a financial return. However, if you've had even limited experience of pay per click advertising, you should be able to accurately judge how much you will need to pay for a solid monetary return. If five out of fifty clicks usually result in a sale, then, for similar products, you can gauge how much you will need to spend to get similar results in the future.

Refining Your Campaign

You will be able to refine your pay per click advertising campaign over time and realise what works and what doesn't. Though pay per click advertising will increase brand awareness, the goal is to achieve something more concrete - either through sales, or by people using a service you provide.

There are free online analytical tools available that will allow you to determine where your pay per click-related visitors come from. Analytical tools can also tell you whether or not your pay per click-related visitors buy anything, or pay for a service while they are on your website. This can be illuminating in helping to discover which of your advertising campaigns have been successful in monetary terms, and learning from ads that haven't.



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