Voice Over IP Services

Small businesses can lower their cost of calling nationally or internationally by using our Voice Over IP services and enjoy the full benefits of VOIP/SIP/IAX asterisk without changing their current voice infrastructure. You do not have to abandon your current voice infrastructure and install a new system. We can integrate our VOIP/SIP/IAX asterisk in your current voice infrastructure.

Benefits of using Voice Over IP on your current Voice Infrastructure

We have experts who will help you identify the most suitable trunk or Voice Over IP option for your business. We will also help you migrate to this new technology absolutely hassle-free, everything will be done by our experts from start to finish. Therefore whether you have a small, medium, big, startup or established business, we have the best and most cost effective Voice Over IP services that will reduce your calling cost

Business are using phone communication for various reasons such as promoting their products, responding to their clients’ enquiries, requesting and providing quotes from their suppliers and to their customers respectively, getting customers’ feedback, etc. This necessitates a reliable, efficient and affordable IP phone system that will prevent the company from spending too much money on phone calls. We have a new technology that comprises of updated IP phone system features which is specifically designed to reduce the cost of your national and international calls and at the same time maintain high quality phone services. Our Voice Over IP System has unique features that distinguish it from traditional phone services. It will not matter whether you are making national or international calls, the experience will be the same and the cost will be reduced significantly

We have various business Voice Over IP systems that are flexible and suitable for different kinds of businesses including single-site and multi-site businesses. Our systems comprise of high-tech calling features such as Hosted Voice Platform, Teleconference, Follow Me and Visual Voice-mail. By using our Hosted Voice Platform, you will have eliminated the cost of managing and maintaining a PBX but at the same time still enjoy the benefits of VoIP.

Hosted Voice System

The cost of operating and maintaining a PBX is very high but we can help you eliminate it. Our Hosted Voice is specifically designed to eliminate this cost. Its main overall benefits include:
  • It has high-tech features such as Hosted Voice Platform
  • It is easily managed
  • It lowers the long distance calling rates thus you will make international calls at lower cost
  • It can be easily scaled to fit your business needs
  • It allows easy and efficient integration of several offices and virtual employees globally

SIP Trunking for all types and sizes of businesses

With our SIP Trunking you do not have to change your current IP PBX equipment. You can still use the same equipment and reduce the cost of calling. The system also makes managing IT systems easier by combining both voice and Internet to a single broadband connection. We have a wide variety of SIP trunking and you only select the one that suits your business best. The choice of trunks will depend on the maximum number of synchronized calls that your business makes. We provide SIP Trunking for single-location businesses and Enterprise Trunking for multi-location businesses. With Enterprise Trunking, your network capacity will be optimized across all locations meaning that you will be able to make communications to any part of the world at a lower cost. An additional advantage of SIP Trunking and Enterprise Trunking is that employees can share call capacity and receive free on-net calling between locations.

As a exclusive promotional offer for Small Business Can members we offer discounted rates from our sales team.

For competitive quote and exclusive SBC offer please contact Maia at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




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