Video Marketing Tips to Boost Sales For Your Business


Video promotions, product demonstrations and testimonials are one of the best ways to build confidence in your brand and earn consumers’ trust. Here are some video marketing tips to boost sales for your business. 

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Creating Effective Videos

Just like with eCommerce listings, there is a formula to create Youtube videos that help with the visibility and sales of your products or services. See some different types of videos to consider creating for your Youtube channel below:

  • Product/Service Demo — Helps buyers’ confidence in purchasing from your company
  • Educational — Great for targeting keywords that you want to rank for 
  • Entertainment — Show off company culture and draw in more potential hires 
  • Podcast — Can be a mix of educational, entertainment as well as relevant news in your industry. 

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Overarching Themes

Here are some overall tips to create effective videos.

Make sure your videos are branded

Videos should have a visual and logical tie to your brand. For example, if you plan on creating an entertaining video to add to your series, make sure it has a tie to what you do. 

Aim for visual cohesion

Your channel or series of videos should be visually cohesive. This includes thumbnails, video intros and outros as well as the background and shooting style you use.

Product Tie-In

Include a link to a product or service that’s relevant to your video. Of course, if it’s a product demo video, make sure people have an accessible link to find the featured product or service.

Optimise the Video

Here are some things to aim for to best optimise your video. 

  • Length — Take a look at videos that cover similar topics and see what the optimal length is. Optimal video length varies largely based on the topic, type of video and what viewers are looking for. For instance, an educational video would be much different from a product demo. 
  • Description — Your description should be around 250 words long. Make sure to include all of the most important info at the top of the description as people won’t likely read the entire thing.
  • Tags — Add relevant tags to your video, you should aim to include about five tags that best fit your video topic. The VidIQ extension has a lot of great recommendations and can help you see the tags for the top ranking videos in your category.
  • Intro and Outro — Briefly introduce yourself, your company and what you’ll be covering at the beginning of the video. In the end, include a short call to action that drives viewers to your site or a product page.

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Tie Videos into eCommerce 

Once you’ve put the effort into creating a video, you’ll want to ensure they’re adding value for you. Here are some ideas to integrate them into your marketing:

Embed Videos

After you’ve posted the video on your Youtube channel, embed them on your relevant listings and website pages if applicable. Having product demos is a huge plus for potential buyers as it increases their trust in your brand and what you’re offering.

Promote the Videos

Share all of your hard work by sharing teaser videos on social media. Time will be limited base on the type of social media so make sure your video teasers are engaging and concise but still leave people wanting to learn more.

Consistent Presences

This applies particularly to entertainment, educational and podcast videos. Just like posting on a company blog or social media, it’s best to keep a consistent rate of new content. If you develop a following, people are expecting that new content which will, in turn, drive more traffic to your site.

Use these video tips to improve your online presence, drive more traffic to your site and improve sales. Remember to post consistently, aside from demo videos, maintain your style and brand ties and optimise your videos properly. Lastly, pay attention to viewers’ feedback and interactions. Not only will this help gain more community engagement but it also tells you which video types are the most successful for your brand and company!  

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