Using Twitter Effectively for Business

If your business is unsure of how to use Twitter effectively, take inspiration from the companies below that are using twitter effectively for business.

Whole Foods

The grocery giant hasn't always been so socially savvy, but when they started engaging with their customers on Twitter they gained a loyal following dedicated to sharing the Whole Foods message.

Operating from @wholefoods, the team behind the handle uses their presence to share recipes, offer cooking tips, and provide value to their followers instead of selling to them. Meaning, their goals on Twitter appear to be content driven versus sales based. Their followers engage with them because they're responsive and consistently provide useful tips.

Key takeaway – provide insights in your niche and give your followers something of value without expecting anything in return. This uninhibited sharing of knowledge will set you up for success and endear your followers to your feed.

Coffee Groundz

This small, mom-and-pop coffee shop based in Houston was one of the first to offer takeout ordering via their Twitter handle @coffeegroundz. They use their page primarily to showcase new discounts and publicize events at their location, but they also utilize hashtags to showcase new flavors and spread the word about upcoming additions to the menu. They use pictures and imagery to engage their followers and entice them to visit the shop.

What are they doing right? First, they used Twitter in a new way to provide a tangible service for their customers. The idea of ordering via Twitter was unheard of at the time and just the novelty of the idea probably gained them a wave of new customers. Secondly, they're using hashtags to attract attention to their flavor promotions.

The hashtag is typically seen as a funny way to label posts, but it's actually one of the largest consumer-generated filtration systems in social media today. By hashtagging correctly and frequently, you're opening your company up to a whole host of new followers. You can even take the hashtag phenom one step further by using a hashtag aggregation platform, like to view all hashtag posts on a host of different social platforms in one place.


ASOS is an interesting example because they operate two separate Twitter handles – one for customer service inquiries and another one dedicated solely to fashion information. This distinction is important because it allows them to prevent marketing messages from getting mixed in with real customer concerns. It also gives users an option of which handle to follow depending on which type of information they're looking for. Because of ability to interact with their customers so well, they frequently see happy customers tweeting praise over ongoing great experiences.

They're also highly praised for their quick response time and ability to seamlessly handle concerns. One important thing to remember about Twitter is that the conversation is constantly ongoing and consumers will expect you to be online and available if they have concerns. Make sure you're dedicated to responsiveness, or at least list online hours on your profile if you're expecting to address customer service queries via Twitter.

Best Points of Performance

The best active Twitter profiles engage with their followers, provide interesting content and quickly handle customer service concerns while also promoting and celebrating customer wins. For more information on how to best implement a winning Twitter strategy, check out the Small Business Guide to Twitter.



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Tuesday, 23 July 2019
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